If you’ve ever been square dancing, you might recognize all the maneuvering for position right now…..

Lobster Quadrille, anyone?


If you have time to really give it all the attention it doesn’t deserve, it’s quite an amazing dance to watch….like holding hands while playing ‘Battleship’ all the time having something twirl you on one of those manual, playground carousels with only bars and no seats…….


Keep calm……..for whatever reason you decide…it’s up to you…but both sides and all sides agree that calm is of the utmost importance…..whether or not it’s for the same reasons is questionable…but you’ll have to make up your own damn mind about that…….


I get it….we’re supposed to carry water…do the work…i get that…and I have carried water…and I have done my job…i do the work that has been given to me to do….and I have considered the source of the water, as well as the work…as should we all…and know it to be one and the same…and now I must chop wood for the fire……


And I walk through these woods knowing there is no sleep to be had at the end………lovely, still….



 Here I am, looking for mass weapons of construction…..and I am not afraid to use them……one will do, for me…i’m willing to share…….


Rabbit holes that are dark and deep must have flash bangs thrown into them…….until the killer rabbits come out and surrender…….leave no hole un-attacked and batten down the cages…i hear them coming up.  Drill, fill up with water from the bottom and force them out….aren’t you glad you carried water?


Do you want a crown while you stay calm, your head buried in the bosom of the goddess who stays in the woods….or do you want the calm of the light of ascension that comes from Source and Center and connects you from within…like a hook…like a parachute…like a hand that grabs you before you fall from being too weak to hold on anymore to a rope that was burning anyway?


Why do I bother anymore in the face of all opposition and adversity to scream into the empty wasteland of minds that refuse to comprehend the ultimate truth that all of this, no matter what, is a spiritual event? 


The ultimate goal in all of this is not for us to come to some imperfect, human conclusion concerning what we think we need to do in order to save ourselves from the mess we made.  It is about recognizing that we are imperfect beings that need guidance and instruction on how to become more perfect, from the only being in creation that is perfect.


This is the time of Divine Adjudication.  Seven billion plus beings are not going to be able to live on this planet and still hope to come close to creating the utopia we all dream of…in some way, shape, fashion or form….and the fact remains that we will still be in factions and disagreement with only our imperfect, man-made value systems to go by…unless we apply ourselves to working in understanding and cooperation to Our Prime Creator and be willing to defer to and serve the wisdom and will of that being and the plans that It has for this planet and all of us.


Over and over I hear from all sides, everything but that.  I hear how great and wonderful and filled with light we are and how proud the universe is of us for what we have accomplished….while we still argue, fuss and fight and kill each other and the planet around us…still, the majority of brains on this planet, even if they finally realize that something is wrong…choose to readjust themselves only so far as it takes for them to continue to get along and make it in the system of things as they stand, as it still stands, even as it falls…because they see nothing that should convince them to do otherwise.

Serving God by serving each other, loving God by loving each other….these are foreign concepts for losers that can’t make it in the ‘real’ world where everything is money and means.  Money means you’re making it.  Money means you’re credible.  Money gets you listened to, heard and respected.  Money is position and power and money rules to the point where, no matter what…the problem, and the solution are both found in money…follow the money, find the money and spread the money instead of withholding the money and at the end of the day….it’s still money and holds no value with and within itself.  It has become a symbol of what has true value….your life, your work, your service, your trust….money has allowed those that produce nothing to steall all of that from you and have you hand it to them, as well…

 money has become the god of trust and now it is time to see how money holds up as it confronts divine, Universal currency…the light and love of the intelligent, spirit individual in unity with the unified consciousness of The One Being That is all things as the Creator of all things as one.


Love one another as I have loved you………that was the commandment of Christ…yes, you’re going to have deal with that in a way most of you haven’t taken the time to consider…to be a friend to God and Christ, you’re going to have to be able to love God, yourselves and each other as each other and yourselves and God…….as one. 

In order to do that you will have to solve more than your money problem, as you see it now.  The problem with your money problem as you see it now is that you think that your problem with money is what you do with it.  That is not your problem with money, that is your problem with yourselves.  Your problem with money is that you don’t see that money is a problem in and of itself.  It is not real.  It is a symbol, nothing more.  Your money problem won’t be solved until you realize that you don’t need money in the first place. 

Money is the energy that powers the false matrix of illusion and slavery to material consumption for the sake of material consumption.  Your dependence upon it for anything is a method of enslavement.  The need to maintain control of it is also a form of slavery.  The elite idiots that think they control the world have little, if any freedom.  Their enjoyment of anything is severely curtailed by the erroneous belief that it is money that is responsible for any and all of it.  They are trapped in the chains of control held by an energetic beast that they created and hold the reins to, but are afraid to let go of….so who is the master? 

Money has no love and no concerns, yet demands that you love it and are concerned about it and for it.  It does nothing for you yet demands that you do everything for it and to others for the sake of it.  It will let you come to it and embrace it, if you love only it and the more you love it and are willing to sacrifice for and to it, the more of it you will have.  Money doesn’t care if it stays or goes, or you stay or go…

It all depends on you for what you are willing to do.  It is the measure of you in this system of things.  It is your value and your worth and it is worshipped for what it allows you to have in this system mistakenly called the world……..


Abundance loves.  Abundance loves and is born of love.  It gives because in giving it increases itself.

Abundance is a way of life, a life founded in the production of values made manifest by creative work.

That work produces goods of real value, whatever they may be.  These goods are traded for the value that they offer in order to fulfill the needs of all. Desire is translated through giving that one may receive to perpetuate the cycle of being in abundance.  There is no…more…or less…there is enough and enough is enough…and who needs more than enough?  There is freedom in maintaining the common good, for all share a stake and, thus…all are involved…no being left behind…..or cast aside…

There is no greater or lesser…there is only being in The One and our gifts and talents that make us unique…are shared that we may all increase.  I write, you sing, they build, they grow, all create something of value and that value is shared as needed and there is plenty for all…….


All that may be awhile yet, in coming…there’s a lot of work to do just trying to convince people that as long as we create false symbols for wealth that can be accumulated and held and hoarded in hand that can give one an advantage over another…you’re going to continue to have the same problems of greed and corruption that we’ve always had.  It doesn’t matter if you hand power over to newly designated people that were picked by….who picked these people again….they picked themselves?


Forgive me if I do not trust in men to get this done…help…yes…get it done without the Divine…no.

When the Divine makes itself known and starts dispensing truth to this world….when the caretaker governments that have received the stamp of approval of The Divine are presented to people of faith in God the Source and Christ Michael ATON…when money is reduced to an expedient means of transitioning into a state of abundance…when people are experiencing the Divine Adjudication in sorting out who goes where and why and for what…..When the Divine shows up in manifest form for all to see and feel and hear and experience in everlasting Truth and expansion of consciousness…THEN we will see who is who and what is what and how and why and because and for and KNOW the reasons for it all…….but that’s me…


You may not care about all of that.

You may only care that somebody, anybody seems to be doing the job of sorting through all of this and making it right and getting you what you want out of all of this…your freedom….as far as you can see anyway….oh say…can you see?  Can you perceive?

And whoever actually delivers true freedom, giving that actuality of it and not just an appearance of it…is worth listening to and should be given every chance to be considered the real deal……..then again, you’d have to know what true freedom really is in order to recognize it…and how many have truly experienced it?  Do you know what it really looks like?  Have you ever seen it in the flesh…so to speak? 

All that just adds to the problem…..

But switching from one fiat system to another is not solving the problem.

Truth and reconciliation hearings with a slap on the wrist and then being put out of sight and out of mind…giving a means to keep ruling from the side….is not solving the problem.


Taking out a largely known faction of dark leadership and replacing it with a lesser known faction of dark leadership and dressing the old ways up in new clothes and changing the names and titles…..solves nothing and will only lead to more of the same.

Putting new technology in the hands of the same corrupt industries and coporations…are we to just assume that conditioned greed will just disappear… that selfish people will all of the sudden become enlightened, all psychopaths cured?  Did we identify and catch them all…are we sure?  How would we, being who and what we are now….really know?  Are we to depend on the GFL [ or  GCL for some of you…i’ll be nice…]…Who do THEY depend on, being imperfect themselves?

 If you do not know the answer to that question, you have a lot of catching up to do…….and quickly……

It is time to let Creator take Its rightful place in the hearts and minds of humanity…this planet is going to ascend with as many of us as she can take with her…but it will ascend…and can do so with or without us.  We are, like it or not, a secondary consideration in all of this and owe our opportunity to stay, to this planet that insisted on us coming along for the ride….after all we’ve done to her….PAPA AND CM ATON BLESS GAIA IN ALL GOOD THINGS, ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!


Mock me if you wish, but God’s Word does not come back to Him void.  This is His world, His universe, His creation.  WE, are His creation and we are HIS creations and we owe it to Him to recognize that.

Do you think that you can ascend without considering the doing of God’s Will?  Do you think that you will ascend without the wholehearted will, intent and effort to do God’s Will?  Do you think that you will ascend if you cannot follow such a simple and primary commandment that requires you to love God with all of your being and love yourself and all as yourself?

In so many words…….you should know the commandment of which I speak and if you do not…what can I say?

Therein is your salvation and ascension!  The GFL cannot do that for you.  The fairies and elves and unicorns and dolphins cannot do that for you.  GOD will not do it for you or make you do it….you have to make the decision for yourself to give yourself unto GOD’S Will and the love and light found there and within….or continue to deny GOD His Sovereignty in the creation of His own making? 

This is after all, the main thing that decides where you will go….if you prefer another 26,000 years of 3rd dimension/3rd density life…it’s all good…go back, jack…do it again…wheel turning round and round…as the song goes……want the void, instead?  You can have it, if you want it……want a permanent end…uncreation?  That’s up to you, as well…welcome to your real, free will……



While we’re waiting for the final outcome….and there will be a final outcome…one way or another or an other……


Grab your weapon and let’s go!


I’m going with the weapon of mass construction….i can’t seem to find the weapon of mass salvation…a real one anyway….fakes seem to be big business….and the real one seems to be in somebody elses hand and make no mistake, it’s in the right hand….but I have a weapon of mass construction……and it’s armed and ready……….it’s primed to make all you people out there that read stuff like this and other stuff like this and even stuff against this and not like this….all concerning this….and you others that don’t even know or care about all of this…..get up…rise up….grab a pen or a pencil or a keyboard or a camera or a microphone or a paintbrush or a musical instrument….grab your site, your blog, your twitter…iphone, smartphone, t-shirts, posters, chalk on the street, quit being a follower and put your own thing out there……don’t just read us….make up your own damn mind once and for all and raise your voice…your heart, your mind, your soul….throw your self into the fray as your own contribution…you are God being you, after all…what is the unique perspective of perception in experience that you possess that will tip this thing over the way you want it to go…whatever way that may be…..don’t just sign a petition or join some ready made group meditation….THINK!…don’t just take my word for anything or their word for anything…the word is within you…waiting for you to put your whole will, energy and intent into YOUR best possible outcome and be that!  Pick your stance, your side of 7 billion sides and then some…..what do you think, believe, know?  throw in your 2 cents or piss in the pot…help it to overflow with something, Dammit!!  Don’t just support and parrot somebody else’s position…STATE YOUR OWN POSITION!!!!  THEN STAND FIRMLY IN IT!!!  BE COUNTED!!!!

if you can’t do that, then get out of the way and let real people take care of this…..the dark needs followers…they need sheeple….The Light wants you to shine for yourself and stand your ground together, side by side…let the gaps of your differences be filled by your service to THE ONE and thus, each other, in that…

either way…

 get ready…or not….for what comes……..








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  1. Brian says:

    you know that’s exactly what i thought. i sorry. just got off on a tangent or two….thank you Kibo.


  2. Brian says:

    i’m a tortured soul. aren’t we all? i torture myself in my quest for truth…for meaning…for understanding. why? i want this nightmare to cease. i want to see who’s who and what’s what. i want revelation….Divine revelation. i want to meet myself…to see who i am. i want to be released as only can be done by the releasor…i want to settle up and pay my tab once and for all.

    this low level bullshit has got to give…this darkness has to give…yet always awake and always around….it needs transmuted…it needs manipulated back into and unto The Light. In Light there are only answers. Darkness only provides more questions. What is it that you seek?

    i want to teach others on non evolved worlds how to evolve. i want to (re)connect puzzle pieces in The Cosmic Puzzle. i want to ignite a spiritual fire cosmos wide that rolls like an avalanche to sweep you away…..carry you away.

    i wish to be a cosmic conduit for any and all life forms that find it difficult to express how they feel.

    The dark bros know who they are and what they are. They also know very well what and who is coming for them. Good always triumphs over evil, always. I’ve had my fill and then some of this prison….have you? So like Kibo has been saying over and over again. Scream at the top of your lungs people….scream like never before to Our Heavenly Father that He may see fit to Smile once again upon His wayward children.


  3. Brian says:

    disclaimer: the following are ponderings only and if they help, which is the goal, then praise be to Papa! well, praise be to Him any way. it’s a stream of consciousness thing and may appear to be convoluted. i apologize for this; just know that i am only trying to understand like Kibo and anyone else who has chosen to undertake the path to a deeper understanding of this illusion that is our reality so that we can find real meaning in The One Life and stop this bullshit that we are responsible for. any and all contradictions are just that; my feelings of searching for answers. try as i might i cannot stop searching. i will keep on until the bitter end if need be. once you sincerely start you can’t stop…won’t you join us?! [bitter sweet that is. (grin) ]

    In the words of Meher Baba:

    “The Path begins with a conscious
    longing for a deeper reality. As the fish which is taken out of water
    longs to go back to the water, so the aspirant who has sensed the
    Goal longs to be united with God.”

    thinking way too much here but the universe after all is what? thought…a thought..the one thought…give any one species too much rope though and they’ll fuck it up…think about that for a moment or two. (that line is from a song).

    so knowing that, what’s the deal? it doesn’t matter matter if we are right. what matters is that our Father who art in Heaven continue his thought of you. if that’s what you want. He is so exceedingly gracious that you’re allowed within The One Thought to peruse His Mind. Wow!! I can’t even begin to understand what that entails. Can you? Or you? are we or have we fucked it up? collectively it’s a resounding and emphatic YES! individually, which the whole is made up, it might be not so. only you can answer that. so why are we in the state we are in? according to the UB Lucifer and company fucked up our dna. not good. but they forgot who’s running the show.

    The thing is, we mostly think that we are the ones in control but are we really? I mean really? people can think they are right or wrong about any thing. that’s the beauty of being human. we are given great and important responsibilities, and when i say right is right and wrong, wrong is it subjective or am i being objective in my subjectiveness? is there any real objectivity at all because all then becomes or is according to the individual and their frame of reference. But what is that based on? is it the ten commandments? what is it? what influences it? do you want to make people pay for your pain your suffering. lots of people i work with fit that description. and they usually, not always, come into positions of relative power.

    i was wondering last night about this: what does God want? of us and from us…of and from His Father….His counterparts….etc. what does he want? and most of all why does He want anything? Nothing can be added to or taken from Him, right?! so what gives? has this world forgotten its’ meaning and proper place in His universe? is it for the purpose of demonstration…are we just guinea pigs in The Divine Comedy…what does He intend that we find ourselves diving faster than a speeding bullet into oblivion. you disagree? take a look around outside and then inside if you can find your way. going deep is a bitch for a while. i’m still on the bitch phase. how about you?

    He wants us to remember him. Worry about remembering Him. what does that mean to you? how do you start your day? how do you end it? and the middle if you have time. again, these questions are as much to me as they are for you. The right and wrong of any situation can become distractions sometimes necessary but ultimately distracting. If we seek Him and His Kingdom first the rest we take of itself. At least that’s what The Good Book says. That’s why I am not that concerned about right and wrong. I know right from wrong. Do I have it perfected, no! Do you?

    He wants us to become one with Him. Speaking of One, The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop and says, can you make me one w/everything?! LOL! Corny I know but you laughed, I hope.

    What I struggle with so much is the pain and suffering of yes, myself, but more importantly that of others to stop!!!!!!! Kibo has told me that rewards are coming….medals are coming….i don’t want em. what i want more than anything is this: i, in and from the depths of my God given soul, want all the sickness, strife, heartache….you name it, in all my relations, to stop!! all that afflicts one’s soul and keeps them from coming closer to their Creator. This is my mission. Wow. I got to go man. too much right now…i’ll be back.


  4. Brian says:

    i’m thinking….


  5. Brian says:

    oh boy! why is it so important to be right?! does that get you extra whatever? who cares? as long as you are in the presence of higher more evolved spiritual beings, etc isn’t that enough. it certainly is for me. and to have closure on this crap–wow that i’d pay dearly for. you think about all the shit that goes down every day in your own life not to mention the world at large. to have that over and done with….isn’t that more valuable than being right?! i’m not getting this man…maybe it’s too early in the morn…idk

    i could give a rat’s ass about being right!! there are way too many more important things than that! at this point i’d take a job cleaning the Royal Stalls or Latrines for that matter in a more evolved world than this. at least the shit their probably smells better.

    When The Man comes around and tells you sorry but you are/were wrong but it’s okay…at least you cared enough and tried to do what is right or see righteousness that’s all that really matters. Come w/me and let me show the way let me show you where you could have made wiser choices, etc. ….lead the way Pop!!

    i’m not getting this. Let’s take it to the AH level, which I don’t dispute the validity of. Candace is very consistent and I truly believe she has the best intentions and is on the right level/track. (perhaps she would care to chime in) There is only one who is right though, right? We are amateurs at best. So instead of being concerned with being this way maybe we should instead be concerned with following His examples and His guidance. (Btw, the gender thing has always bothered me).

    So, AH and its’ mission sometimes seems overly concerned about being right…maybe that’s where you get it from or maybe that’s where it becomes enhanced and more validated for you?! Please don’t misunderstand what i am saying. Folks need to stop proclaiming rightousness and come clean in a way that says, hey we have ideas based on this, and state clearly those reasons. We don’t have all the answers and in fact we have very few but we do know this…you get the idea. I dont know maybe I’m missing the boat. Perhaps I am way off; just calling it like i see it. At least i’m calling it. AH is walking a very fine line as we all are in more ways than one. Oh, i’m sure i’ll be labeled as this or that. you know what i don’t give a flyin fuck. i am my own label and that is the way i have always been. let your life lead by its’ own design but let it be your design not some one else’s. i know in my heart where i come from and whom i serve. you can take that to da bank!!

    please forgive me Kibo, i mean no harm to you, AH, or Candace. not at all man. i’m being real; being me. i’m not here to make friends..if i can or do that’s great. i’m not here to say i’m right you’re wrong. i’m here like all of us to learn love and live. it’s that simple or should be. if something in my world appears to influence these three L’s naturally i am going to have an opinion and more times than not it will be expressed.

    in the end we are all victors.

    I love you like a brother. i thank God for leading me to AH and its’ mission; for opening my eyes more and for your friendship these past two years.
    thank you elaine for your comments and theo too. i enjoy reading them. let’s face it; it’s a lonely life so any comradey is to be treasured. thank you again.


    • kibodabi says:

      it’s an ego thing

      i know…i know…but that’s what i call it……

      you put so much time, effort and enrgy into a thing, a belief…you want to be right about it…you don’t want to be told that you’ve wasted your time and that your expected outcome is not going to be made manifest…you’re going to esperience something completely different…..and it may disappoint you…right now…but you’ll get over it and…now that you know better…you’ll do better…..

      if it were not so….what difference would it make that there are Satanists? Don’t they want to be right, as well?

      are there 72 doe-eyed virgins or not?

      is Cobra and Drake and Fulford the real deal…or not?

      is there an evel cabal or not?

      what is the truth of the matter?

      there are supporters and detractors on all sides……..but everyone wants ot be right, in the end

      and there are many that will be able to make the adjustments necessary to correct their misconseptions…which we all will have to do…got that right, that right, that wrong, that was so far off the mark i don’t even know why i thought that in the first place…that was good..i’m good there…..OH! THAT ws surely one of my best! a definite, solid, undeniable, universal truth of reality……

      who can say that they have it all?

      is there to be judgement or not?

      can we ascend just because we want to?
      do we really have to live in subservience to God’s Will?
      do we really have to do all that mushy, touchy feely love this and that stuff?

      Can’t we just run this ourselves and get by as we see fit?

      There has to be a right way or best way and/or according to whom and whose way…….and we are killing each other to figure all that out…..and if no answer is found….will they just make one up like they’ve been doing?

      what if it IS an evil universe? could you handle that?
      what if ‘do as thou wilt’ was actually the rule of existence and it’s all just cricumstances and coincidence with no plan or intelligence behind it at all?

      are you good with that?

      are you okay with the fact that it would be now okay to go out and rape a child today because there’s no one to make you pay and if the kid rapes and kills you first…then that’s okay because that’s the way?

      everyone wants to be right about something…they want to be validated and vindicated and justified…

      so choose your spotlight and your mark and take your stance….it is time for the seven billion + soliloquy on the great stage production of life on holographic medium [ can’t really call it film…can i?]

      and let the producers decide who gets to be in the next production or back to acting school to learn how to act…………or let go…..hmmmmm…but i could be wrong about all that….

      you act based on how and what you think/feel…don’t tell me you don’t give a damn about being right or wrong. you want certain things to be because you believe that they should be and would be…if you had your way…..we’re all trying to have our way and for some of us, our way is God’s way…or so we think…let’s see if we’re really right about that, or not…i, for one..would really like to know.


      • Brian says:

        against my better judgement..sigh..

        you missed and took out of context what I said.

        raping a child? are you kidding me…what are you talking about

        an evil universe..what? satanists wanna be right…ok..uhm sure…

        did you really read what i wrote or did you read and interpret it the way you wanted because of the ego?! killin me man.

        dude! right is right and wrong is wrong. quit trying to mix it up. duh!

        you know you are on the right path. i feel that i am also on the right path..finally…where is it going get me…well, hopefully, a little closer to home. the same for you i would hope.

        you’re taking it all the wrong way. i don’t give a DAMN about me being right…it’s not about that at all. and it shouldn’t be…well, at least for me. as you stated apparently it is for you. That’s ok. But why are you so concerned about being wrong? do you really think you are that far off the mark….c’mon! you’re not.

        please forgive me but i don’t really get where you’re coming from. so this is all about being right. seems to me you are doubting yourself and your Maker. Don’t doubt yourself or Him. Yeah easier said than done but in doing so your way that you think is His then becomes not His and only your’s.


        • kibodabi says:

          all i’m saying is that there are people that are trying to do this the way they think it should be done and they all think that they are right in what they are doing. The elite think that they are right when they believe that the masses are too ignorant to govern themselves while some of us say that ignorance can be educated and enforced ignorance is a problem that they created in order to be right.

          we all want it to end…but the question remains as to what will that end look like?
          will the dark get their new world order? and if not, why not? who is to say they are wrong by their standards?

          if GOD, being perfect in all things, has a way of His own that He would like to see embraced and set forth and established upon the earth….are we to say that He is right or wrong because what manifests wasn’t our idea or belief about what we thought was supposed to manifest?

          we all want it to end, but it is that end, in and of itself that will decide the right or wrong of anything and everything and those that were in alignment with the final outcome will be those that will gain the most benefit from it.

          what is ascension? what does it look like, feel like? do we know or is it beyond our imaginings? exactly what is it that we are all working and hoping and praying for? do we all have a clear concept of it or do we all have different beliefs about it? if the latter, how do we reconcile all that to form a common ground upon which to stand and still support the desired outcome of ascension…whatever we may think about it…

          rapture? the wave that will change all souls in an instant? battle to the last man standing and let him decide what will happen? the masses are moved aware or unawares……you say that right is right and wrong is wrong, but who is to make that final determination of which is which and what that all involves?

          there are men that want to make that decision for themselves and they believe they are right and are willing to fight to the death for that right and they do not believe in any way that they are wrong. It is the outcome that will prove if they are right or wrong.

          there are those that prefer GOD to make that decision and they are just as stubborn in their beliefs and just as willing to battle it out to the outcome where all is proven.

          and then there is GOD, who wants us to agree with Him…or not…and act accordingly and be rewarded accordingly as to our measure of alignment and love and light and service to His Will…but many don’t believe that or feel that it is wrong of God to be so demanding……..and then there is the matter of just how to do that in the first place and too many disagree on that……

          and yes…there are those who feel that abusing and slaughtering people of all ages is not wrong…for them…and they feel that they are right in that….

          there are those that just want things to keep on going and they’ll deal with it….all this other crap is too much for them..they just want to live and all this drama and trauma is very upsetting and they want us all to please stop and just let things be…….

          if right is right and wrong is wrong, then eventually, a final determination of just what that means will have to made and accepted by all…however that comes…and the winner of this game will get to declare the rules of the next game and that is that…..the ruler sets the rules of right and wrong….this is war about who will rule..GOD or man…….so you do have to choose a side based upon what you believe is right or wrong and declare your position and stand your ground…..if you believe in your postion being the right one for you…then fight for it and see, in the end…if it was all worth it, to you….win or lose…but you do have to choose and fight for what you think is right and if you don’t care about being right….how can you fight to win? you prefer losing? i didn’t think so……

          however much we all want to win…it is the outcome that decides it….choose a side….any side….
          God, man, you, whatever….some of us don’t agree with either major side……we just want what we want when we want it and the way we want it………seven billion sides…seven billion choices at least…and that’s just on the planet…….how many stand with GOD and how many with the adversary and how many on their own sides?

          winner claims all rights……to rule as they see fit…..

          i say GOD cannot lose and stand with GOD and CHRIST…….some disagree with me…some disagree about God entirely……some don’t care and believe God can be beat…….we’ll see……….so yeah…..i want to be right and believe that I AM and only the result will prove that…or not…..

          so let’s get to it and get it done with and over with and get through it and see what’s what…..now would be good for me…..but i believe that’s not my call….so i have to wait on the one I believe in….and act accordingly…..ah well..


  6. Brian says:

    forgot–you are not at all crazy!! i like what Poe says about this….””I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Of course, there is more to that quote but that part is particularly good! i actually have a shirt w/this on it 🙂


  7. Brian says:

    If i really do what i want to, then i will go postal and fuck calmness!! I am ready but can’t do it by myself and the way i am feeling anymore…some heads gonna roll….no more mr nice guy and i am nice most of the time. However, i do have a family here to support…so for now i do what i have to for them but even that is getting extremely difficult! sadly very sadly this has come down to a solo thing…like it or not (i know I said i cant do it by myself). We are in this because we made this and no one but us can fix it. So, if this is true then you and I will be dead and gone a long time before people are ready to embrace and make themselves what they need to be in order for what you and i wish for. It will take several generations for this to happen and even then the chance as I see it is very slim. That’s not being pessimistic; that is being real.

    Most people that i come into contact with either don’t give a damn or think you are batshit crazy. I don’t have the time nor patience to enlighten them. Not going to happen. So, what then? And also most are just trying to make it to the next day. It’s a survival type thing. i am not mocking you please understand that. It’s like what the fuck is to be done when this bullshit is permitted to go on and on…and please I am not mocking the Almighty. He’s waiting on us and we are waiting on Him…difficult situation.


    • Brian says:

      edit: “stand together..side by side..fill in the gaps of your differences…”
      Well now that’s interesting indeed because (yes, I am little miffed still) that I was booted from AH because of my apparent differences that created and thus caused dissention in the ranks. Not trying to make trouble at all rather pointing out something very important when you consider what you suggested. Hear me now, what you suggested IS so so very important and if we could just do that…wow!


    • kibodabi says:

      truly difficult…and it is difficult to know how to act…..
      in spite of all my imaginings of going out and destroying the dark singlehandedly….i find that i must rely on PAPA for all things…and thus..also on His Christ Michael ATON…i can do nothing in and of myself
      i am here to learn and so i pray for instruction and more light and open myself to it as best i can…however masonic that may sound…i prefer to receive from Source and Center for i trust in that and so trust in CM, as well and as one….
      it’s hard…even thpough i know the scam, i still find myself oppressed by it and even i need money to keep going until things change…..and even though i want nothing to do with it , i have to have something to do with it…so there i am…..silently screaming to creation for some way to keep going that is pleasing to my Creator and accomplishes His Will in What I Am…..and yes…that makes me batshit crazy…though i find myself in an insane asylum of a system….their insanity to me is sane to them and so, I am the insane one, here………all i can do is stay calm and go within for guidance and instruction on how to act and pray that i get it right..i can’t save anybody…i can’t even save myself…all i can do is strive to be worthy of salvation from the One that is responsible for all that….how are you going to get one of those life/light/rings on a rope thrown to you in the darkness as you tread water to keep from drowning…if you don’t call out to the guy throwing them out? It doesn’t matter that you can’t see him…you know he’s out there and he’s throwing down….others may not believe and follow their senses to grab anything they can floating by…but where does that wave take you? Shall i hold onto debris and flotsam?
      Maybe I Am crazy….but I think it’s worth a shot to cry out to what I believe is there to hear my cry…sure, i can swim…but the lighthouse is far away and the current is against me…and i’m worn out tired with no strength left for anything ut a last supreme effort to reach the salvation i seek…face it…i need help, big time…so i’m screaming out in good faith…and swimming to the voice i hear yelling back in response…..guess that rope is only so long….got to make sure i’m close enough to catch it…pull me up, Boss….and thanks….i knew you were there…..damn near drowned, didn’t I? Well…thanks for the lifesaver…i’m glad i was right…God knows i’m glad……….if i was wrong…i’d already be dead….


      • Brian says:

        For the record, I completely agree w/you! If it weren’t for Him, yes, we’d all be dead by now. Not so though. Some are spiritually dead or almost dead but even so there is hope for them as well.

        He hears you and me and all those who sincerely call out. He is not willing that any should perish, right?! What I don’t understand and maybe rightfully so are the games that the dark bros are allowed to continue with. Perhaps though this is partly because of what I just said. But the sad reality of this situation is the pain, suffering, etc that goes along with it. Thats a very hard pill to swallow!

        I want to help everyone and I do mean all. Yes, I said it’s become a solo thing but despite that I still want/desire to help them Even those whom I know in my world that are not nice at all. They are just misguided and deluded. So was I not long ago. Probably still am to some extent? I don’t pretend to have many answers. I’m calling like you and have been all my life in one way or another. [And I realize that what i said in the previous post may seem to contradict what I am saying now–oh well.]

        What is hard to reconcile are “groups” who pretend to be for all but really they are not. They just appear to be that way to make themselves feel better and in the end they want to say, we told you so. See, we were right you should have listened to us. This not what The Kingdom is about. I guess i should say that is one thing that really chaps my ass!! Hopefully, not long now before we see what’s what and who’s who.

        Ahhwell…at least we know enough to call out and try. That has to be worth something in the end. You are real Kibo! One of the realest I’ve come across any where. That alone is priceless. You are a blessing from above and a sincere pleasure. Thank you for this. It means a lot!


        • kibodabi says:

          lol…well thanks…but i am also one of those people that want to say..see? i WAS right afer all…who knew? now what? how you like me now, huh? i wish you had listened…do you?
          now what? what can i do to help you out….now?

          stuff like that………admit it…allof us want to be right…how many of us are willing to take being wrong..graciously?


      • Elaine says:

        Kibo my Brother: I was going to reply to your article but after reading this comment — well you’ve expressed it all better than I ever could. It is exactly how I am feeling right now! I too am tired but I keep hanging on as the blood runs down my fingertips and the water rises ever higher around me. You have a wonderful day my friend. :)))))


  8. theo says:

    Thank you, sweet brother.
    Be you blessed.


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