Going Condo On Rent Day

My my…where does the space time go?

Ah well….have a cup of tea…..no, that’s not your cup, that’s my cup

There’s your cup……..pick a tea, any tea……i’m having constant comment Since I seem to be constantly commenting on one thing or an other……


Oh….just making sure I have my rent….landlord’s coming……actually, I’ve been saving to buy the place since I heard it’s going condo…yeah…we worked out a price and everything…i’m good.

I dunno…he should’ve been here by now…what can I do? I’m on his time, not mine, y’know?  I need to be here when he comes, so I can’t really go anywhere, now can i? This has got to get paid…..no pay, no stay…. Money? No, he don’t take that shit…don’t need it….don’t want it…don’t care about it… His currency is soul experience…consciousness in love and light…a talent for obedience… Living by his will

It’s there in the lease…..see? Spiritual currency only….i think I have enough…hope so….been praying on it…calling him all the time to see just how much I need for the premium job…i hear he’s going to rehab…kick the thugs out, give the slackers time to find a new place…let the visitors go home……i’d like to stay, myself….i’ve got the last amount he quoted me…if it changes, he’ll let me know…i’ve got extra, just in case…..we’ll see. 

It should be more than enough…but hey…soul contracts…you never know until you sign, right? Just make sure you know who you’re signing with….remember Lucy? That’s how them damn thugs got in here in the first place…They should’ve left the building when he did…pretenders, every last one of them!

I don’t think I’ve damaged the apartment too much….no cracks…none that I made, anyway…..a few nails in the wall…should’ve used tape to hang those up, I guess…but I can fix that….i take full responsibility and if he’s going condo, I’d like to own the place….yeah yeah…condo fees…what the hey…rehab, upgrades…it’ll be great! Get a real home office! Nothing but the best of everything from now on! That’s the ticket!


Well…no…i won’t be able to do whatever the hell I want to do…if there’s anything I want to do that the owner of the building doesn’t want me to do…Jesus, it’s not like he’s asking for that much…don’t break anything, no holes in the wall, take care of the place and fix the small stuff that you can fix, yourself….he takes care of the rest and hey!….I can paint and redecorate any way I want as long as I follow those few simple rules…and get along with the neighbors…it helps if we like each other…i love everybody. Some people…i don’t like so much. But hey…takes all kinds, am I right?

Besides…i hear that only the really goods ones are staying. We’ve all seen the plans to redo and upgrade the whole neighborhood…it’s gonna be great! I really wanna be here to see it….

Yeah…i know he’s late…should’ve been here some time ago…like i said, his schedule, not mine.  He’ll get here when he gets here.  All i have to do is be here when he does…

But I’ve heard him arguing with those assholes downstairs…yeah… them…dumb little fucks think they own the place…been ganging up on folks and scaring people for years…now everybody’s lease is up because of the rehab and they don’t want to leave. I think they’re scared that they got nowhere to go…Well hell!…would YOU take them!?

They got no currency and just leech and steal off of others and they’ve gotten more bold and violent every day. If they get kicked out of here…it’s the ghetto for them…or jail….who knows? They can’t stay here, that’s for sure.

They’ve even convinced some of the people that they’re the ones that really own the building and they’re the ones that will be doing the rehab and the landlord is just some schmuck nobody out to scam currency…either that or they’re trying to convince folks that the landlord is really the one responsible for all the trouble in the first place…it’s hard to tell. They say so much crap…they said the same thing about his kid when he came that last time, remember?


Nah…he don’t care…His kid’s outside the doors with SWAT teams…what the hell are these idiots gonna do? I hear they’ve barricaded themselves in the kitchen downstairs…yeah, the banquet one…they had both rooms and partied all the time…wouldn’t let anybody but their friends in….so you had to join if you wanted to get along…but then you had to work for them and they paid shit wages…no really…they paid in real crap… and then told you that you owed them real currency just for them paying you…ain’t that a hoot?

Well, they lost the banquet hall and now they’re all holed up in the kitchen trying to negotiate how they want to leave…they actually want to get paid and on top of that, they want to stay…even if it means living in the basement. I figure they got some friends they hope are staying that will help them out later….fat chance…they’ll be gone, too….Old man’s got a list of everyone he wants to get rid of and everyone that’s staying…No lie!

He’s had the place staked out for years…ever since the last due day…remember that one? What they did to his kid? OOOOhhhhh that was soooo wrong…..But the kid said he’d be back…Hey! He lived through that shit, right?…gone, up and out…….now he’s back with the landlord and I, for one, would like to stay and watch all this go down and see how it goes…..hey, maybe I can even get a better job…help out more…who knows?

But these thugs…how stupid can you get? They’re actually threatening to blow up the kitchen and the building with it if they don’t get their way…..they got their friends pretending to calm them down and negotiate with them to make it look good….ah well…

What are they going to do if the old man just shuts off all the power and gas and bum rushes their sorry asses with that SWAT team that his son brought along …apparently he knew it would get like this…best to be prepared, I reckon…..you heard what they did to that pimp, right? Yeah…he turned out to be real bitch at the end….oh well…..

So, I guess he won’t get up here until that’s taken care of. I hear some of the bigger and better tenants are pitching in to help get rid of them and that should help speed things up…

No…not them. They’re outta here, too…really…swear to God and hope to live, giving all that I can give…. Yeah…THEM…no problem there, right?

…so if the lights and stuff go out, just relax and drink your tea…we’re good…you can stay here with me…or make your way back to your place in the dark…you got a light, right?


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6 Responses to Going Condo On Rent Day

  1. theo says:

    Delicious. Delicious.


  2. Brian says:

    well, I AM about to cry…tears of joy no doubt! What a long strange trip it’s been! I wonder if I could hang around for just a bit while waiting on my train?! I so want to see. But, as the train is under the control and direction of none other than Mr. Casey Jones, I may have to depart rather quickly. No worries because I’ll be back. I have to come back after I see some folks that I haven’t seen in…my it has been a long time. My soul & heart cries for what has gone before and for what is yet to come. We all are blessed beyond words.


  3. Crystali says:

    I second Elaine, you sure are mastering the use of parables, fantastic and precise. Thank you Kibo, I love you.


  4. Elaine says:

    Oh Mr. Kibodabi – Kind and Loving HIGHER UNIVERSAL Being! That was quite the read. I couldn’t stop chuckling and giggling all the way through! You don’t mince your words and I really am all about TELLING IT LIKE IT IS! Bless you. I’m sure you’ll be here to see it all. I sure hope I am too. You think the Old Man would give me a waterfront condo. I do love the water? You think he’d let me keep my cats??? See you soon!! :))))))


    • kibodabi says:


      i have two dogs and i’m told they’ll be fine…we should get together and have a dog/cat party after this is all over, said and done…..insert big smile here!


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