i tried to ignore it….can you?

Cobra commanders’ cheerleader, Gigi, or whatever has posted a history lesson that is grossly distorted to the point of being filled with meticulous lies…………or so I say…….


Most people, who have little if any idea of who and what the gnostics were and are, automatically fall into some kind of ‘oooohhhh, gnostics..’ state whenever they see the word……




The gnostics, as a sect, were more informed than the rest, but even their writings have been corrupted and if you’ve ever read the Urantia Book, you’d know……..


For one, they viewed all ETs as Archons simply because their experience was one in which that was all that they were able to come into contact with……..ever wonder why?


Please to be informed that Lucifer was not an archangel……..i repeat…Luicfer was not an archangel….he was a system sovereign.  That’s like mid-management for you corporate folks….


He was allowed by Christ Michael ATON to fulfill his rebellion against the Paradise Trinity and Christ Michael because it was seen that more good would result than evil.


Yes….i know….it resulted in the great galactic war…..i understand, but sides had to be chosen.


This planet, which fell within  Lucifers’ territory, was actually way behind enemy lines….so to speak….


In fact, our original planetary prince betrayed the Light and joined the other side, thus handing this planet to him.


This whole system was placed under quarantine by Christ Michael.  Ask yourself….are quarantines declared from without or from within the infection?  That should tell you something right there…..



The great galactic war was between those peoples that remained true to the vision of Christ Michael and accepted the being of the Paradise Trinity…and those that didn’t…….one of the greatest issues in question was all the time, trouble and energy that was being extended to train people, personalities, beings like you, human beings, to be the gods of the new universes…..  This made no sense to Lucifer.  He thought it was a waste of time and could be done better than it was being done by giving the higher beings, like him, a more direct hand in the matter….it’s not that it was such a bad idea, it’s just that he wanted to go it alone and prove that he could do better….his way…he failed.  He failed and that failure ruined him to the point that he preferred uncreation to learning to follow the Divine Will of The Eternal Father and His Sovereign Christ Michael of Nebadon.


What can you do?  He was given every chance to succeed or realize failure and come clean and admit that he couldn’t do it and surrender to the perfect will of The Father in all things….and he just couldn’t do it……damn.  His loss, his uncreation hurt everybody, including Christ Michael and Source….he could have done so much better and so much more if he had just surrendered to the great truth of life….THE ONE PERFECT BEING KNOWS BEST.

Anyway……….here we are.


We were colonized by the Anunnaki, who proceeded to set themselves up as gods and screw with our DNA and reduce us to the lesser beings that we are today.

However….they did this under specific contract to end their business at the appointed time…..that time came in 1996 when the Treaty of Ancharra was signed, thus ending the Great Galactic War.


The Ancharra Alliance was with the Anunnaki, the Draconians and the fallen angelics and other beings that had chosen their side….the side of Lucifer…..


All that is over now, it no longer applies, but there are those that want you to believe that it still applies and that the dark on this planet are not flesh and blood beings, like you and I are.


When the Anunnaki surrendered and joined the Light, they told their Earth minions that they should be smart and do the same…they didn’t.


Too much effort over the course of too many years made them stubborn.  They wanted to do everything they could to bring their plans to fruition….silly people…


Things got sloppy for them after that…the internet took off big time, 9/11 was full of holes and an obvious inside job to anyone with eyes to see and a mind to discern…though these people are a huge minority, it was enough to light fires and fires give off light….and heat…so the heat was on…..


Now it’s grab as catch can….for all sides of what’s left of the war…which is all here, now……


And I, for one, think it is highly ridiculous to now say that ETs are helping us, when just weeks before…all ETs were evil Archons……….are we really that stupid?


We reincarnated here because of the quarantine, not because of a matrix grid that was designed to keep us in fear, materiality, competition and control.  True, it helped, but don’t think for a minute that they ever had that much power after the bestowal mission of Christ Michael in Esu, whom you know as Jesus…but that’s another post………..


Cc and Gg want you to believe that they hold the keys to the kingdom in their hands and it isn’t so.  WE hold those keys and those keys open the gates and the doors to unity in consciousness with GOD AND CHRIST as our source and creators…we owe them everything and it’s time that we acted accordingly.


All those millions of ships out there, struggling to get us to raise our vibrations, our frequencies, our consciousnesses, our beings, to the highly desired level of clarity and understanding have been thwarted and delayed again and again simply because we, as a planetary people, are reluctant to accept our true place as servants of THE ONE IN BEING. 




You think that they’re all here just because they want to be helpful?  Sure they want to be helpful.  It’s in their nature.  But the fact of the matter is that whole planets and civilizations have been destroyed for being less dark and controlled than we are.

So why?

Because this is a Divine Mandate, that’s why!


This all about GOD and our relationship with HIM and the relationship that HE wants to have with us and if we want to make it to the next stage then we damn well better get with the program and see and hear the truth………but that’s me and you don’t have to see and hear the truth I speak or write…it’s up to you what you want.  This is going to be personal, individual adjudication…it’s sorting…judgment…graduation to a higher learning on a better campus or back to school and maybe a few grades to boot…if you’re not kicked out entirely…that’s all on you.


Your thing……..remember?



One last thing……


Personally….my opinion is that it’s clearly a deception when anyone tells you that it’s the Jesuits that are telling the Elders of Zion what to do.  The Jesuits are full of Luciferians and Satanists and the core of that is found in the cabal that plagues you and they are ruled by the Elders of Zion.


I know….your thing…they’re just victims…Surely the pope is more than happy to blame the crucifixion of Christ on the Romans because he really believes it’s the truth….in spite of what the bible says…and all the bankers and lawyers and doctors and media and corporate moguls are Jesuits……….what?  You mean they’re not?  Wow…who knew?


Wage war by deception………….whether that war be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual………financial, political, medical, military, electronic, informational, educational, religious, racial, sexual, propaganda, philosophical, mystical….occult…..


Wage war by deception…against man and God


Wage war by deception…was not Lucifer the great deceiver?


Wage war by deception….by any means necessary…the means justify the ends…might makes right…


Wage war by deception….meditate on defeating already dealt with and defeated non-physical enemies instead of the physical enemies in front of your face…


Wage war by deception….make your enemy the enemy of your enemy……and have no friends…


Wage war by deception…..until you win or are finally conquered and destroyed and war is no more


Wage war by deception…until the very end and destroy the world as you are destroyed…


Wage war by deception…the war goes on as long as they continue to be deceived…


Wage war by deception… everywhere, anywhere, any way, every way you can


Wage war by deception…all day every day



Wage war by deception

Wage war by deception

Wage war by deception





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6 Responses to i tried to ignore it….can you?

  1. Tiago says:


    what are Archons?
    I have studied Gnosis for some time and never heard about this term.


    • kibodabi says:

      i cannot vouch for the veracity of translations of texts that are in the hands of those that lie to us……..however….this is reported to be from the Nag Hammadi:


      This will give you a little more background in the matter…..my understanding is that these are elements of those that joined the Lucirfer Rebellion and set themselves up here as gods….this isncludes Anunnaki as well as fallen angels and other fallen personalities…….


  2. Tiago says:

    who is Cobra Commander? Would you give us the link to this article?


  3. Brian says:

    From the book, Bringers of the Dawn, this is the war I AM waging: Harmonic Defiance….

    “You purposely came to this planet to give yourself such a
    challenge so that you could be defiant-not in a way that would give you problems or create disharmony,
    but in a way that would create harmonic defiance. Through your harmony, you are defiant toward the
    old vibrational frequency.”


  4. Elaine says:

    Namaste Kibo! I AM waging A “WAR” OF LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING, KINDNESS, etc. — well you get the picture. It’s the recruiting part that seems to have stalled!! Don’t know how many you’ve got but I know in my regiment there aren’t too many! You should hear the excuses!!! Makes your ears bleed. Anyway, I’m gonna’ keep on truckin’. Great read Kibo. Hugs e/ :)))


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