The Thing Is…….

I have seen the…….meditation given by cobra commander in order to achieve the desired results from those that desire those results…….y’know what?  Screw it.  People with rings in their noses do exactly what they are pulled to do by the ones they have attached themselves to…it’s the same with reins….but at least there’s training….and a rider….which means a relationship built on trust, loyalty, devotion….and love…..and don’t tell me that the devil can ride you too…he doesn’t…he just spurs you on to the point where, in your frenzy, you don’t know if you’re doing what you want or what he wants…forget that he’s not on your back anymore, if he ever was…..them spurs are deep and bloody and embedded so hard that you no longer register the pain and just keep going in the direction you were pointed…never stopping to think….that there was a better way.


Now, you’re so used to it you cannot comprehend the thought of your truth not being the truth and so you run, bloody steam snorting out of your nose as you strain to reach that goal that is right in front of your face like a carrot on a stick and if you realized that at any point in this mad dash over the cliff, you don’t care anymore.  You just want to bite that sucker just once before you go down and see if it tastes as good as you thought it would…as you hoped it would…as you prayed it would…..and who did you pray to for that?



We all want to be right.  We all want to be validated in our convictions and we can’t blame each other for that.  In a puzzle made of billions of infinitesimal pieces to create one image of light and shadow, we all have to fit in where we’re designed to fit in by the one that designed all of the pieces and the puzzle in the first place.


So carry on.  Carry on until that last day, that last moment of wondering and doubt and faith and trust and mistrust and distrust and belief and disbelief and unbelief.  Carry on until that moment of clarity arrives like a morning newspaper wrapped around a brick and thrown through your window to hit you right between the eyes and make you notice the difference between the real world outside your perception and what you thought you were looking at through that, now shattered glass.


It’s on.  It’s okay.  It is what it is and everything is everything and one day we’ll get a peek at exactly what everything is and means.  But until that day…Carry on.  Do your thing.  It’s your thing.  Do what you wanna do….right?  I can’t tell you who to sock it to…it’s your thing.


It’s your thing until you find out differently.

It’s your thing unless your thing is to do somebody else’s thing.

It’s your thing until you find out that you only thought it was your thing and what you thought was your thing was, actually, somebody else’s thing.

If you’re not doing your thing…or haven’t been able to do your thing because somebody else’s thing has kept you from fulfilling the dream of your thing…your thing may be to hope and dream and grasp anything that seems remotely able to make your thing manifest itself in reality…..


If your thing has had the life sucked out of it, remember that there are others out there whose thing is apparently being the ones that are doing all that sucking…it sucks, but everybody wants to do their thing and we have to let each other do our thing, right?


So either adjust your thing, or it will adjust you…..or not…you might be perfectly fine and happy with your thing and just want to keep your thing going strong…and so your thing is keeping your thing…KEEP YOUR THING ALIVE, BABY!!!!!!!


Apparently, that’s what most people want…to get their thing, do their thing and keep their thing going……..i get that.  Keep on keepin’ on…….Keep on truckin’……If your thing is the right thing…then who’s to tell you you’re wrong?


We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do.  We are what we are for reasons that we may fathom in large part, but the whole is beyond us.  Billions and billions of choices and decisions made throughout the course of billions and billions of lives over the course of billions and billions of years…this is what we are.  This is our experience and we are what our experience has made of us.  From traumatized childhoods and five-day satanic ritual baby sacrifices to the mass murders of millions of people at a time….to loving and laughing and making your way in a material world and earning your keep, to drug dealing and vice on multiple levels to glorifying God in church and fighting for your cause and being active and proactive and interactive and inactive…..from video games to playing the game to being in the game to looking for a better game…to winning, to losing, to art, to science, to slavery, to liberty, to concerts in the park….to build, to destroy, to love, to fear, to live, to die……..this, and more, is what we have made of ourselves…


One day, the score on this is going to be tallied, at some point, it’s going to all come together, come to a head, converge on an event, a circumstance of circumstances….a situation….a snafu, a fubar, a great awakening, a leap of consciousness, or being, or DNA, or body, or an evolutionary step or devolutionary step or salvation or destruction….who knows?


We say we know.  We’re all cock sure that we’re the ones who’ve got it right.  We’re the right people.  We’re the right religion.  We’re the right science or the right philosophy or color or sex or creed or class or country or state or place or thing….we’ve got the right channel and we all want our thing to be the right thing, in the end……………if there’s an end….not everyone agrees on that either………..and that’s another thing…..



And I don’t want your thing, or our thing, or their thing, anymore…….i don’t even want my thing.  I got sick of my thing a long time ago and I realize, now, that it was never a thing to be made about it.  It was never my thing.  I Am a thing.  I Am The Thing.  I AM THE THING OF SOME…THING….I AM ITS THING…..

So that became my thing…to find the thing to which I was a thing and let it be my thing, as well, so that we could be things in kind to each other, mutual things….we could share things between us and talk about things and know about all things ‘cause it’s all just a thing and everything is every thing and it is what it is……


Whatever the thing is that made me…that’s my thing and I’m its thing because it made me.

Whatever made all of this…life, creation and everything….that’s my thing and I want to be it’s thing ‘cause I figure it knows about everything and so it should know what I am, as well……..


And that’s my thing…being the thing of the thing that made me to be its thing.  Whatever that first original thing never made by anything but maker of everything…is…that’s what I want to deal with….

But that’s my thing…

You do what you wanna do….with your thing

And if we find we have the same thing in common…well all right….

And if not….

My thing is that eventually, everyone will know the real truth of reality….but that’s me and my thing…

I know I have the right thing.

This is my thing and I am my things thing and we are the right thing for each other.

And we all pretty well feel that way

And that’s what all the fighting is about and disagreement that makes us beat each other up over our thing being the right thing when the real right thing can speak up for itself……IF THERE IS A RIGHT THING FOR EVERYBODY…..A ONE THING THAT IS ALL THINGS AS IT’S OWN THING!


People would have to adjust their thing and even their definition of what a thing is in the first place

I don’t want to put you out….most of you say I’ve got the wrong thing, anyway  

I am with my thing and my thing is with me and I am it’s thing, so we’ve got a thing going on and that’s the right thing…

So we’ll just have to ask some thing to please stand up and reveal itself as the real thing…if there is such a thing, because that’s not everybody’s thing, either………


The way I’ve got it figured is that there are three lines you can get in






Don’t know















Pick a line, pass through, sort to left, right, middle………you know the drill…or isn’t that your thing?


Remember that question.  You will not be able to lie about the answer….sometime, somewhere, someone, some…thing…is going to hold a thing up in front of your nose, your face, your eyes, your being…and ask you, point blank while pointing…IS THIS YOUR THING?


Maybe you CAN lie about it… they point to another thing


Either way

When you decide to claim whatever you want your thing to be, or wish it was, or think or know it is…



It will not lie for you

It will say that it is your thing

Or is not your thing

Your thing knows you

Do you know your thing?

How do you feel about your thing?

Do you want your thing?

Do you love doing your thing?

Do you love your thing?

Does your thing love you?


Your thing is all you will have in the end

It will speak up and tell everything about you…in detail…and claim you without hesitation

And if you don’t think that you will like the outcome of that conversation…..


You should get a better thing….quickly….or not…….it’s up to you

I’ve got my thing and I’m sticking to it, thank you very much

I love my thing and my thing loves me

I AM It’s Thing…after all………’s my thing and it does what it wants to do with me while I am with it



At least

When my turn in line comes up

I can look THE THING squarely in THE EYE

And reply





Because I really want to see what it makes of the whole…..thing.


 You’ve got an other thing coming……….grab your thing and get ready to meet it.


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