An open letter to Mr. Drake, Cobra [commander?], Fulford, et al……………

An open letter to Mr. Drake, Cobra  [commander?], Fulford, et al……………I’ve noticed that you have recently decided to ask the people to take a vote upon how they want to handle this mass arrest, money and government transition thing……

Forgive me for asking but…are these the only choices that you feel we have available?  Because it makes no sense to me and I beg to differ…..

One choice seems to be an all out war over getting these old guard cabal people into custody and put on trial.

It seems to me that such a scenario would mean mass bloodshed and chaos and provide a perfect opportunity for their apparatik to declare martial law in the US and pretty much all over the world and use their armed forces to kill innocents with impunity…not to mention the time that it would take to actually finish the war and see who wins in the end…which, if it’s just the small minority of us that are actually aware of the situation and willing to lay our lives on the line and sacrifice ourselves for the cause…could pretty much mean that, when the smoke clears and the dust settles, the good guys, as we see it, could pretty much be defeated….and then what?

The second choice seems to be more of the same stalling for time and enough time to figure out how to start a war, any war, that would be big enough to get the above scenario done and, for however long it takes to get their shit together and rally against their defeat and downfall….stall and stall some more……..

Please don’t tell me that you’re counting on the local citizenry to wake up, smell the coffee and bacon, grab a gun and join the cause….because I can’t really say how that would work out for you.
Sounds like a win-win situation for the cabal…but that’s me…

So, really…..after all and everything we’ve been through to come this far, you’ve offered, at least, an illusion of hope, now you’ve decided that the people should vote on it before you decide what the next step will be?  Never mind that the people that are aware enough of this to actually vote are less than 10% of the world population, by far….i dare say closer to 1%…. but that’s the best you can do at this point?

I can only assume that you guys feel unable to feel confident in your ability to just go in and arrest them….you have to talk about it and get them to agree to it first…I understand, really….if they’re that big and bad, then you might want to consider my offer of a third alternative, which apparently, you have overlooked or completely ignored.

There is enough evidence on public satellite photos and NASA films and archives and a mountain of other evidence…to realize that there is a whole fleet of Galactic ships out there.  Some of these ships seem to be larger than Jupiter.  There has been talk in such circles as yours of a group called the Earth Allies.  This seems to imply that they are allies of….beings that are not of this Earth.

From what I can tell, being a little guy…[who listens to me?]  That there is enough evidence to suggest that these beings are not evil and are here to help us get a leg up…as it were….I know you guys are against all that and claim that all aliens are evil..but that would pretty much mean that we live in an entirely evil universe.  Forgive me, but I have no idea how to deal with that, so I will have to go into denial and disagree with that.
There are plenty of good, loving, light filled, spiritual aliens out there.  I daresay that they are actually the overwhelming majority of the universe and creation…at least.
In fact…….please work with me here……there are actually some people that see this whole thing as primarily a spiritual war and that this is the last place where Luciferian holdouts need to be dealt with and removed.

Since the people that you need to arrest seem to fit the description of these evil misfits, may I suggest that, if anyone out there is actually an Earth Ally, that they let the people vote on whether or not they want these beings with all these ships that are here working with the spiritual hierarchy [Really?  Who could possibly believe such a ridiculous thing!] as well as other beings that seem to hold a rather high place in universe affairs.  Hell, I hear that even GOD and Christ are here for this thing…as well as Muhammed, Buddha and a host of other bigwigs that have had their words and teachings corrupted for the sake of establishing religion as a business…I also hear that they would all like to have a few words with us really soon!! Cool, huh?

So look…..maybe….just maybe…all of this is actually true and all these guys are actually here to help and they’re just waiting on us to give them the word….take a vote…that gives them the go ahead to come in and remove these satanic buggers from off of the face of the Earth….heaven knows they have the room… fact…if I remember correctly, such a vote has been taken a few times already and as far as I know the answer was always yes from the voters…apparently they must be waiting on more people to show up and vote or something…or maybe they just want you guys to ask.  Hey, it couldn’t hurt!  Heaven knows they’ve got the tools to do the job and get the job done right!

Some even say that these guys have technology that we can only dream of…stuff that makes our kiddie weapons pretty much useless…literally…they could even help us get rid of our weapons and start loving how to live without them.

I’ve even heard that they can put the whole planet into something called stasis and then just swoop in and whisk all the murderous thugs away…no matter who they are…and their whole entourage as well.

Just think…everything you’re taking forever to do could be done in a weekend and it would just seem like the blink of an eye to us.

Couldn’t we use that kind of help?  Would it kill you to consider the option of getting this thing over with quickly and cleanly?  They could do it without you, you know, and be perfectly within their freewill rights.  Are you saying that your free will trumps GOD’s?
Hey, look at the bright side…
They’re willing to share free energy technology.
Help us learn to live without money….that’s really cool.
They’ll let us join their Galactic Federation and Councils…talk about networking…We could travel the friendly skies of the universe!  WOW!

Then again…there is that GOD thing….Apparently He’s a really big part of all of this.  Apparently, they are aware of GOD as a reality of being and just happily live to serve and do His Will and learn to live like HE does……go figure…who knew, right?

Now…I know that’s going to be a huge problem for some of you.  Considering that this GOD guy considers Himself to be the actual and real owner of our little piece of real estate…and everything else it seems…for that matter….

But I hear He’s not like the rumors at all.
He’s really cool once you get to know the real Him.  Real friendly and fatherly and loving and stuff…real magnanimous guy…kinda like everybody’s best friend, y’know?
Well…don’t just take my word for it…I already know The Guy.  The least you could do is meet Him and see for yourselves.


He’s offered many times, to help us out and I’m told that you know that, and it sounds like a really great deal, if you ask me…which you didn’t…though for the life of me, I don’t know why……

I know, I know…you keep telling God that for Him to interfere would be a violation of your free will…but that’s why you should let us vote on it.  WE might just want God to step in and lend us a hand.  Did you ever think of that?  Our free will is violated constantly, every day…has been for millennia… really, what difference does it make at this point?  Do we even know what free will is anymore?  We’re manipulated at every turn into deciding upon and choosing between choices that are given to us…kind of like what you’re doing….right now…with this vote thing… can we even begin to make an intelligent, informed decision about this?  Do we really know everything that’s happening and all of the players and who and what they really are?

I say…VOTE FOR GOD!  It’s worth a shot!  Let whoever is on GOD’s side, come what may about our own beliefs and faiths and whatever we got right or wrong based on real information, mis-information and/or dis-information…….I AM SURE that there is one being that knows everything about this and HE knows exactly what to do!

So I say that we should invite Him in and ask Him to help us out so that we can get on with having a real world with a real life and start getting along and living in abundance like we’re supposed to…according to HIM, anyway…the guy you guys never mention in all of this…why, I don’t know.  The people you want to arrest and put away, worship a dead Lucifer…WHY CAN’T WE ASK FOR HELP FROM A LIVING GOD!?  HUH!?  ANSWER ME THAT!

So anyway…….that’s my third alternative to your efforts to replace the old guard with the new guard and keep things going  as you see fit…





I reckon we’ll find out how it went real soon

Doesn’t take Him long to count….accurately…and act accordingly…unlike some people I know……..

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7 Responses to An open letter to Mr. Drake, Cobra [commander?], Fulford, et al……………

  1. Brian says:

    Well, Kibo, you are certainly more gracious than I would be. Chances and choices have been given freely and abundantly. That time is over and what needs to be done needs to be done. I am not looking to get out of anything and will fully and freely stand before and take it like a man. Now, that’s more than I can say for these scmucks! They are cowards. Our siblings yes but they need to learn how to play nice and mean it!! So, what gives?!


  2. Michael says:

    Your words are heartfelt my friend. I have NEVER forgotten about the Almighty and when I cast my vote, I certainly felt that I was voting for Him as part of the package though no one would know it until now as I type these words. One thing that I will add with all these proceedings is that I came to the conclusion early on that there would be bumps on our way to achieving such a plan. It’s been no surprise with the delays and adjustments throughout all of this. I read on another website today something the validates Drake’s issue with regards to the Cabal being able to do some damage with regards to chemical warfare and how those benevolent ET’s/ED’s, while they do have vast power to stop things, even they admit to not being able to stop everything, but are prepared to respond as fast as they can if the need arises. I suspect that as Drake and company do what they do, it does buy the Forces of Light more time to contain the rest of any potential life threatening issues left that would devastate humanity, so the plan can succeed.

    As we go through this evolution, I further think it wise to look at this process as an “Art of War ” moment connected to the nature of the energy and choices we ourselves produce while engaging in such pursuits. We’ve been socially programmed as a society to react in fear, doubt, impatience, and negatively, whose solution, in my view, can be found in steering away from such thinking, becoming & remaining flexible, and remembering to continuously create such positive energy as to contribute to the favourable outcome of these events. I would also like to mention how as part of these times that we must remember to proceed with caution lest we end up becoming what we are so against. The Cabal will eventually all be dealt with whether here on Earth, as a result of ET/ED intervention, and ultimately by the Almighty himself when they cross over. I hear some of these Cabal members have even crossed over into the Light already, which may sound bizarre at this point, but I am open to such possibilities. I didn’t get involved in all this to potentially and literally fight in another war to the potential death with the Cabal and/or their forces. I also support the Constitution and will always opt for a sense of appropriateness. And I do not feel weak for doing so. The originator of breaking the rules as it were was George W. Bush, who dismissed protocal. What bother have rules, regulations, and laws, if one will break them anyway? This is part of the message I’ve gotten from Drake and company. It’s also one that the Almighty keeps on pinching me about no matter how much I might want to take the law into my own hands. If it takes a step by step process for humanity’s positive outcome, so be it. The issue is getting there. Remember, look at how fast Earth has awakened.

    If what Drake says is true about the Cabal being so terrified that they will be lynched, it makes sense for them to ask for mercy. While negotiations happen they are also about time and timing that I’m sure will be used used by the Forces of Light, to secure any left over bio-weapons or other destructive weapons issues, so the proceedings will run as smooth as possible, which I suspect is happening as I type this. These are steps, that in my view, I sense are being guided by the Almighty who still has my vote~!


    • kibodabi says:

      It makes no sense to ask a clear minority of people to vote on such a thing ESPECIALLY when you’ve already made up your mind as to your willingness to pursue the options you’ve stated.
      All of this is just a distraction by the cabal to keep people thinking about what they want them to think about. Even the meditations are designed to create a certain mindset about circumstances that are unknown or unclear in the public mind.

      If these people are who and what they present themselves to be, then it is confusing as to why they have operated as they have stated up to this point. If they feel that they have it within them to put up a good fight, then they have the means to go public and present evidence to the masses. More attention upon the recent meeting-for-show of the Bilderburg Group could easily have been forced upon the mainstream media and people could be made more aware of their true situation. We all agree that exposure is our greatest weapon, and we claim to have these resources and power but don’t use it to our greastest advantage….why?

      Hegelian duality is being used here to keep things going their way. The western cabal faction is struggling to survive by making a show of this great struggle towards eventual surrender…or war. Meanwhile, the power is being transferred to the eastern faction of the cabal as the new guard. While the old guard ruled with an iron fist, which is now battered and rusty, the new guard will rule with that same fist covered by a velvet glove.

      Nesara has been dead for quite a while. The Global Trust, under St. Germaine, is not in their possession and this is what they need to get their hands on in order to continue their rule. IT’S STILL ABOUT THE MONEY. THEY WILL NEVER GET THEIR HANDS ON IT!

      Who ever appears to show up and save the day will be hailed as the saviour and this is what they are counting on. Coded comments like ‘Isis has her crown back’ and ‘monkey dragon’ should be cause for suspicion.
      Handing temporal power over from west to east will only help us to appreciate our slavery and if it were just a matter of the acts of men in their freewill, then that would be exactly the final outcome of all of this.
      This has not ended yet. Kali Yuga still dances. This is a time of Divine Adjudication. This is the great sorting of souls of will and intent that will separate those that are staying through the ascension of this world and those that will have to leave and pursue their journeys elsewhere. THAT is the reality of what is happening. THAT is what the people of this planet must come to accept. THAT is what we all are about to come face to face with and THAT is the one thing that you are not hearing from these people.
      Fleet has it within their power to place the planet into stasis and remove the adversary from our prescence and that is what will be done. This will happen whether we, as a majority mass, agree to it or not. SUCH IS THE WILL OF GOD IN THE CREATION OF HIS OWN CREATING.
      Today, I AM meditating on that Will being made fully manifest within the experience of humanity on this planet at this time in space. The dark will surrender. They have no choice and all of this drama is just that as long as they do not seek to represent the full truth of what is happening..WITHOUT GOD WE WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING AND THAT IS THE POINT OF THIS WHOLE LESSON AND WE BEST LEARN THAT LESSON, NOW! GOD’S WILL IS BEING DONE!


      • Brian says:

        On a somewhat related note. I wonder what it would take for the majority of mankind to turn to Father Creator Source and mean it? More times than not, most of us only turn that way when faced w/a crisis. We may turn and ask for help or we may turn and curse or become derogatory in our turning. We have all been there on both sides. Also, I’m sure we all have family members who only come around when they want something. And how does that make you feel? I wonder what Papa has to say about how this makes Him feel? Careful…I know. I doubt that the truth of the matter could be handled by most. I don’t know what I am trying to say here. It’s just that I would not want my children coming to me…finally…only because of their selfish motives when faced w/a seemingly insurmountable crisis. Please I am not meaning that any here are only thinking of themselves or being selfish. But, like all good parents, I hope we would all want our children to come to us or be around us because they enjoy themselves and feel better by being together w/their parents and family. As this is not the case for most, I fear, then what does Our Heavenly Father intend? I REALLY FEEL FOR HIM! He does not deserve this kind of treatment from His children. I hope this makes sense. Big sigh….


        • kibodabi says:

          i think
          that the first step in all of this
          which i’m sure would make PAPA very happy
          is for us to see and recognize Him
          as our Creator Father
          in the first place

          once we can get that realization to hold
          the rest should be gravy………but that’s me……


  3. Elaine says:

    AYE, AYE, AYE, AYE and beyond AYE!!! I’m tired of the Bullshit too.


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