You are not reading these words.

You think you are reading these words.


Do you read meaning or perceive it?

Do you perceive meaning or experience being?


Are you experiencing being?

Are you experiencing what you think is being or what you feel is being?

Are you experiencing your awareness of being?

Are you sure?


Are you who and what you think you are?

Think of an extraterrestrial being reading these words as you read them.

Think that this being thinks you are the extraterrestrial.

Think of a being that reads this through you.

Think of a being that has written this so that it can read it through you.


Are you


No, really…take your areing self and get the are out of here

You obviously don’t know who you’re areing with

I will are you up

You obviously have no areing clue what the are you’re doing here

You’re just all ared up………..


Aren’t you


Do you understand what is happening here?

Do you experience being or just do being?


Do you have a clear perception of awareness in your experience?


Good…….Come….float with me…..



Everything is consciousness and there is no separation of or in consciousness.

As such, whatever parts of consciousness that you experience in perception are expressed manifestations for the sake of being in the experience of one consciousness doing and being all things and everything….consciously.


This is an act

This is an act of will

This is an act of will and will implies intent.

This is an act of will and will implies intent which also implies planning.


This is to imply that the one thought is well thought out………..


It is an act.

It is acting.

It is acting perfectly.


All of this, that it may be all and everything and all and everything is perfect.


And so, here we are…part of an act.



What’s the game?

A game implies an adversary….even bouncing a ball off of a wall makes the wall an adversary…

The floor is just a tool, a means to an end of how to perfectly bounce the ball

The ball must do what you want the ball to do and you have to use both the wall and the floor to do it.


Simple…ever play chess?



Every production has a hero and every hero has to have an adversary to overcome

Whatever the odds, it must be overcome

The adversary is responsible for manifesting and maintaining those circumstances and obstacles that result in the heroes’ struggle to identify the adversary, face the adversary, battle the adversary and defeat the adversary in order to claim what is most desired by the hero, which the adversary has been responsible for taking away.  In most classic tales, the hero had it in the first place and had to struggle to get it back.

The hero never wins the struggle all by itself.  The hero always has help of some sort.  This help is gained by the noble personality of the hero and the heroes’ willingness to help others in need that it encounters along the way.  These others, not always, but usually seem helpless in that they are found to need rescuing from the most dire of circumstances.  But, once having been rescued, offer friendship and loyalty and aid to the hero that, usually, if not always, proves to be invaluable in some way to the hero in the fulfillment of its journey and quest.


I say all of this to you in order to encourage you to consider what it is to be a hero.  This is important because The One Being in Consciousness is THE HERO of all and everything  AND [this is very important, so please to experience this in clarity of awareness] makes it so that each, all and everything, has its own story in which it is the hero…that all things may be the hero as IT is the HERO.




We are all stories.  We are our own stories and movies and we are the stars of such and appear in each others, such as we have…such as we are…in being experienced.


Everybody is a star….so says Sly………..



Fly with me


Before you get excited about being the hero of your own story, remember that you are also a part of the stories of others and let that concept fill you up from the smallest ultimaton to every grain of sand in the desert, every drop of rain that falls from the sky onto land and ocean.  Let the story of every plant and insect and fish and bird and animal and human and mountain and valley and planet and sun and system and galaxy and constellation and universe and superuniverse and dimension and density and level and plane and line and curve……….fill up the experience of your consciousness in perception of being.


Your family and friends, your pets and your house, your car and appliances, the items on your desk, the device you read this on….there are ships out there bigger than this planet and bigger still, that are alive and conscious and aware in being.  There are peoples from civilizations older and grander and higher than you can imagine in so many aspects of being that, if you had no clarity of perception in being, you would feel like an ant beside an elephant.  Can you look at yourself through their eyes and see, feel and know that you are family and loved and embraced and supported in their story?  Would they feel the same through your eyes?


And what of God?  What of The GOD OF Gods?  It is a story of stories, after all.  You see the story of you.  Can you comprehend you in the story of others?  How do you see yourself?  What are you connected to?  What are you part of? 

Your family?

Your circle of friends?

Your gender?

Your race?

Your religion?

Your sexual orientation?

Your politic?

Your job?

Your career?

Your company?

Your employer?

Your club?

Your organization?

Your school?

Your cause?

Your purpose?

How do you define yourself as a part alone and a part shared?

How wide is the expanse of the area of your perception in operation?

Your house?

Your street?

Your block?

What side of town you’re on or from?

Your town or city?

Your state?

Your nation?

Your country?

Your world?

Your solar system?

Your universe?

Your superuniverse?

The whole of creation?


Where are you?

Do you know?

Is it just your room or some seat in a café or a point in time and space or in conscious unity in consciousness?


Soar with me……


It is imperative, in any game or story, to know your adversary.  You must be able to identify your adversary in order to find, face and defeat it.


You have an adversary.  You may love all and everything, but you have an adversary that loves nothing and fears all and everything to the point of wanting to destroy all that it cannot enslave and control.


We’re not talking about the guy down the street that seems to just have it out for you for no reason that you can discern….that’s YOUR story.

We’re talking about the adversary to GOD and humanity.

Something was taken away from you…something you had that made everything all good.

Do you know who took it?

Do you even know you’ve been robbed?

You have an adversary that is an adversary to every ensouled being on this planet…and beyond…

If you have not identified that adversary…now would be a good time….

Think about it…….ask yourself….

Who has caused more trouble on this planet than anyone else?

Who has been kicked out of more countries than possums have been kicked out of kitchens?

Who has murdered more people, been responsible for more wars than any other people or nation?

Who took your abundance away and replaced it with debt?

Who tells the religions of the world what to do and say and think, concerning them?

Who tells governments of the world what to do and say and think, concerning them?

Who runs the corporations of the world?

Who decides your level of technology?

Who runs all the usurious banks?

Who gives you paper money for gold?

Who decides what you see, hear and read in the media?

Who determines what goes in your food?

Who decides your choice of medical treatment and medicines?

Who tells you what to accept as education, history, science, ethics and morals?

Who tells you that they are the only humans and that you are chattel slaves meant to serve them?

Who wars with the world by deception?

Who says that GOD comes to them for advice?

Who says God chose them to rule the world and universe?


Put all of these requirements together to form a single crime committed by…………………


That is your adversary.  It is the adversary of all humanity.  They are not ET/EDs or Archons and Lucifer has been uncreated.  They are the adversary among you and if you do not know them, cannot identify them, you cannot fight them and won’t defeat them.


If humanity is to be the hero of humanity’s story, then it will have to do more than move pieces around the board and call the game won.  Pieces will have to be removed from play.  You should not create sleight of hand and mouth tricks to give the appearance of handing the game over from one queen to another.  Both queens are still on the board.  Neither one is on our side and their king is still there.


You cannot replace monopoly money with monopoly money of a different color and expect to be the hero of your own story.  You are still the adversary and even in your story, the hero will defeat you.  Desperate people grasping for any hope in a material world may fall for your deception, but consciously aware human beings do not.


THIS IS A SPIRITUAL EVENT AND EXPERIENCE.  It has nothing to do with our material enslavement other than removing the tools and methods of that enslavement that we may see what we have never seen before…the alternative of abundant supply, love for each other as each other and devotion and loyalty in service to our Creator God and the CREATOR GOD.


It is guaranteed that, while we are concentrating on our material circumstances, we will never see the bigger story.  We are, indeed, part of a much bigger story than what happens here.  Other than a move made by DIVINE SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS to gift us with a moment of clarity, true, real CLARITY OF PERCEPTION IN EXPERIENCE OF BEING…that we may see who and what we truly are and the spiritual foundation and cosmic reality of our situation…we will, as a human race, never be able to make informed enough decisions to rid ourselves of this parasitic virus that plagues us.


The percentage of the human population that is actually necessary to support the ascension of this planet and its peoples is never going to be reached as long as the overwhelming majority is unaware, in denial, resistant, apathetic, combative, or vehemently opposed to the efforts of SPIRIT and the GFL to help us to raise our vibration and frequency to the proper level of attainment.  The best effort of Lightworkers and Ground crew is painstakingly slow just to achieve incremental growth.  If the people are not willing to accept that they have an enemy in common because said enemy has convinced them, by any means necessary, that it is all a lie, and to believe them and not their lying eyes…then it behooves us to call upon the ONE THING that can act to conquer our foe, as well as doing so with us and through us…BUT IN ORDER TO DO SO, WE MUST CALL OUT TO SUCH POWER THAT IT MAY BE WITH US AND THROUGH US SO THAT, TOGETHER, WE MAY CONQUER THE BEAST AND SETTLE THE MATTER ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME AND SPACE.


How many of us will it take to do such a thing?  As many as we can get.  As many as are willing to call out and be heard as one voice.  Constantly, until we know that we are answered….




What would it take to trigger such a mass turning of our hearts, minds and souls to the love and will of our source and center that is The Source and Center of All Things?  What could make such an impression upon us, open our celestial eyes in such a way that we finally and truly understand the truth of all things in ourselves?


GOD ONLY KNOWS……….perhaps….if we ask…He will show us………….His story…







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2 Responses to ASK

  1. Brian says:

    Powerful…beyond words. Thank you.


  2. theo says:

    Thank you, my sweet brother…
    Two already.


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