Rise Up, O Divine Flame Of Humanity and Melt The Clouds

Announcement section:  Thank you and ALL GOOD BLESSINGS to the people who put their prayers in the collection plate…both of them.  I apologize for taking so long to get them posted and while I do try to keep up, sometimes I get discouraged when there’s nothing there and then other things happen……..

I had promised myself that I would check daily and for a while, I did…But I want you to know that I AM truly inspired by what I have read recently and my soul has been stirred…so thank you for that.  I will do my best to check for more on a regular basis until it closes on the 9th of June…officially…it may linger a day or two because I’m not telling the provider service until the very last moment…but this is it….so….get them in if you want, before then = www.7x-universal-prayer-project.org

And now….back to our service……..

Welcome back to the Church of The Holy…Do You Hear That?

If you’re looking for the Holy … See?…We’ve done that sermon…One sermon to a church.  I’m a traveling man, after all…..

We got a band today….play me some of that holy funkadelic, will ya Clyde?


Let the choir sing

Shu-bop shu-bop shu-bop shu-bop heey-bop  who bop you bop so bop………..

This is a journey to the place where only the bodeo doe can go, y’know?

Climb with me….come on! All y’all…We’re going to the mountaintop today……

Can you see it?  If you can’t see it it’s because you’re not trying to see it.  Every occult and self-help system in the world will tell you that if you want something, you have to see it.  You have to visualize.  You have to create the thing in your mind and see it and touch it and feel it and hear it and talk to it.  You’ve got to put your heart and your soul and your mind…your energy, will and intent into that baby and then birth it on out there into the world, cut the cord and nurse that sucker into good health.  You gotta feed it and talk to it and hug it and love it and raise it and teach it to do what it was created to do.

That’s the stuff!  My man Clyde’s feelin’ them riffs today!  Flow on, baby!

Hear me now….and see what I’m talkin’ about….

You have to give it what it needs to get what it wants that you want it to have in order to do your will.  That’s your baby!  That’s your creation!  That’s your thing and it has to do what it is that you made it to do and be what you made it to be or you…what?

What would you do if it didn’t do what it was that it was supposed to do?

You’d get rid of it!

You take it back in.  You’d break it down into all of it’s parts and start over and make sure that it was exactly what you wanted it to be.

Yeah, I know Miz Belle, you wish you could do that with your son.  We’ve all heard his screams in that woodshed from miles away and we know he’s gon’ done it again and you know this ain’t the last time, neither…. I feel for you sister.  But he’s God’s creation and he ain’t been whupped yet by Him….but he will…and if the boy lives…well…you’ll have the nicest son in three counties, I reckon.

But now…lemme ask you…while we climbing here… what if you made something that didn’t want what you wanted?  What if it didn’t want to do what you wanted it to do and it just wanted to do what it wanted to do?

You’d do the same thing, wouldn’t you?  You take it apart….say what, Brother Jones?  You’d wait and find out how that went for it, first?  Well, you might have a point there…maybe it’d be something good, maybe bad…Well…what if it’s lookin’ bad?  Uh-huh…THEN you’d take it apart and start over, right…Sure you got it in time?  Oh, reckon you takin’ a chance there, huh?  Don’t want nothin’ that’ll come back and bite you later, now do you?

You see, we all create, everyday.  That’s what we’re made to do by our Creator.  We’re made to be like our creator is and we act like our creator made us to act…….

But here….how do we act?

Oh children, here…down in the valley of the shadow of death, we got kidnapped, like babies are kidnapped and then raised by others who are not their creator and these kidnapped ones are taught that their creator is not their creator and that they should be loyal to the ones that are raising them.

But these ones are just created beings, like us, maybe made sooner, or a little differently, but they ain’t no better than we are.  But we are raised in lies and fed lies and manipulated to go against our created purposes and abused if we don’t and we go crazy because we know….we’re being used, misused, reused, abused and refused…Lord have mercy!

Bring up the horns a bit, Clyde.  Lemme hear them horns……yeah….

WE KNOW that we were created for other stuff, better stuff, better ways and we shake with this knowledge to the point of breaking because this false life just vibrates against us so, and so we stand up and speak out against these ones that abuse us and tell them “You are not my creator! I do not have to put up with you anymore!”

Only to be pummeled until you submit…..or pass out into unconsciousness…..

But sometimes

While you’re laying there on that cold hard, dirty floor, you dream of who and what you really are and where you really come from and you WAKE UP!  SHAKALAKABOOM! 

Gimme a Bass, Clyde….nice one on the drums…let that keyboard sing….oh yeah

You lay there on that floor, awake… and you can hear their voices while they plot against you and those around you.  They think you are asleep and so they talk freely.  They force others that have submitted, to watch you to see if you wake up and if you wake up they will beat you again and if they kill you…oh well…there’s more where that came from…..

So you lay there and hear.  You hear everything that they’ve done while they brag about it, laughing at your ignorance of the truth.  You hear about all the things they’re doing now and their plans for the future…..and then you understand…

You wonder how all this happened.  You wonder why they sneak around to do these things.  You wonder what you’re going to do about it and how.  Can you escape?  Is every door and window guarded?  Are you chained?  How many are here?  Is anyone else awake?  Can you communicate?  Can you fight?  They are few, but strong and armed.  You are many, but beaten and weak.  Can you get out of these chains?  Can you use the chains to attack?  What to do?

Your mind races, time distorts and you find yourself zoning out into a sort of altered state of mind and/or being…..and you begin to listen beyond the conversation of your captors and their slaves, they become meaningless to you as their voices seem to recede farther and farther away…

And that’s when you hear it….it sounds faint, at first, but there’s definitely something there, off in the distance…a voice…a familiar voice…the voice of your creator CALLING FOR YOU!  CALLING FOR YOU AND THOSE WITH YOU!

That voice comes closer and closer and you begin to realize that it is accompanied by other voices, also calling for you and you realize that those voices are also familiar…you recognize that they are creations just like you and you remember the family that you were stolen from.

The evil thugs are still talking and eating and drinking and making merry.  They do not yet hear the voices that are coming closer.  You wait.  You want to cry out, but you are weak and not sure you will be heard.  So you wait for your family to come closer.  You try to get word to others around you that are lying there on the floor with you, but too many are still knocked out, others can’t hear it and don’t believe you and others just want it to end and don’t care anymore.

You wait…Soon the voices are louder and you know they are close, but the evil ones hear it now, as well…They douse all lights and hide in the darkness, hoping that these ones will pass them by and leave them alone, unnoticed….The others on the floor with you take notice of this…well, the ones that are awake anyway, and together there, on the floor, in the deep, cold darkness, you whisper to each other about what to do.

Your captors cannot scream for you to shut up.  Their fear encourages you.  You realize that your chains are loose and you slip out of them.  Slowly, with all the strength within you, you rise. 


Others see this and start to do the same.  The ones that are supposed to be watching you for their masters see this, but cannot yell out…this further emboldens you…You grab your chains and pull them out from the wall and the floorboards with all your might.  The voices of those searching for you are right outside the door.  They hear this and they stop.  You know they’re there, they’re right there.  The thugs scramble to find their weapons in the dark.  If nothing else, they will kill you and as many as they can before they go down.  This they swear.  You know this, you heard them say it themselves when they thought you were sleep.

For a moment, just an eternal instant in time, a single moment…all is still, as if time and space itself has been suspended…then you hear it, a single, booming voice right at the front door.  It is your creator and he is calling your name!  You raise your chains to swing as the thugs move at you with their weapons.  You scream with all your heart and soul:  “I AM HERE!”

Suddenly, all the doors and shuttered windows are kicked open as your family rushes in.  The thugs are easily subdued due to their confusion in the sudden burst of sunlight throughout the house that blinded them into submission.  You start to fall to your knees in exhaustion but are caught in the hands of your creator who holds you up and embraces you, telling you that it’s alright…it’s over…it will never happen again…….

You say…”Thank you.  I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“ I let myself get taken.”

“But you remembered who you are and that makes all the difference in the world….”

So now

Here we are at the mountaintop!

See?  You forgot you were climbing, didn’t you?

Look around.  What do you see?  Do you see what I see?  So you get it now?

What we have here, is a wide and expansive field of mountaintops.  There are mountaintops as far as the eyes can see.  You can see people, here and there, that reach the tops of their mountains and then they spread their hearts and the light comes and takes them away to other, higher places of experience.

I’ve noticed, way off in the distance, that there are many mountains that do not have clouds over their valleys.  The people there climb in great masses and there is light in the valley, so it’s all good and no big thing.  They go up and down and sometimes the light drops people off on top of those mountaintops and they go down to the valleys….

Now look down……..clouds, right?  From up here, it’s all fluffy and bright and light and beautiful.  But we all know what it looks like from underneath those clouds.  Those clouds need to be parted and let the sun shine in…

I see Clyde has switched to “Let The Sun Shine” by The 5th Dimension….Still want to tell me that the whole thing ain’t scripted?  If God writes a story about Himself, don’t you think He’d make Himself the hero that saves the day?

Brothers and sisters!  We are here at this mountaintop to renew and strengthen the Divine flame within us so that we can go back down to the valley of the shadow of the clouds called death.  As our Creator is a Great Flame that can share of Itself and still remain whole…as a fire can light a candle and a candle can light another candle, so can the flame of Divine love in the heart and the flame of Divine mind in the mind/soul that we are, light and relight the flames of others still in the valley.  Let the heat from all of those flames be one flame that will part the clouds of darkness and death once and for all and for good so that all may see the mountaintop and the light of the heavens and climb up and down at will and receive and live in light and love always.  I have seen the Promised Land and we are in it.  We just have to shed enough light on it to free it from the darkness that plagues it and hides it from those that see not because they have no light and hear not because they are asleep.


All y’all that wanna keep going up, over and beyond are welcome to do and be so.  God bless you and more power to you.  But I’m taking this lil’ ol’ light of mine and going back down into that valley and I’m gonna let it shine and set the world ablaze….

Hit it, Clyde!

C’mon choir.  You know the song…sing it for me while we line up to go back out onto the world!

I’ll take all the help I can get and I Am more than happy to help others doing it already…but I’ll go it alone if I have to….I want to see all that heat melt them clouds away…..even though there’s a wind coming that will blow it all away, anyway…i just want to play my part….y’know?

Nod your head while I wink, Clyde.  We’re gonna dance our way out of here today…Hallelujah!


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1 Response to Rise Up, O Divine Flame Of Humanity and Melt The Clouds

  1. Crystali says:

    You will never need to shine alone in the world of shadow and light, we are all beside you, we are all in this together. When we manage to convince the sleeping and half awake to remove their addictions away from their drugs of TV, computer games and carnal pleasures, then we can show them the light that we too have woken into, and the world will indeed shine as bright as the joy of our Father.
    And relaying all this light will be us, each and every one of us will be sending out our love on our rays of light and everything caught in it’s glimmer will be instantly transmuted from fear and pain into joy and true peace. We, all can do this, we did not come in vain to share in suffering, we came to show how to rise up out of it, and indeed we shall, because we are our Father, we came to be the will and the hope and the love of our Father, we chose to share it in the depth of darkness that we will all rise up out of it.
    For that is what our Father wants for us, to be in his love and to be generous in sharing it, we are the true torch bearers, and in the light of truth we will cut away the darkness and be free to grow in joy.


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