WE were talking…….
and i was reminded that
one makes a thing that works so well
one figures that it can do more……
you’re made in stages
and you’re working pretty good
and then you find yourself being taken apart
and you have to realize
that it’s not because there’s anything wrong with you
you’re being added on to
you’re being remade into something better than you were
because you can handle it
it’s always hard being taken apart
for any reason
but when you know that it’s being done
because you’ve already worked out so well
that your maker feels enough confidence in you
to make you…….more….
more than even you
ever thought that you could be……..
so many of us feel like we’ve been taken apart
and we can’t put ourselves back together
just know
that it doesn’t mean that there was something wrong with you
just let the one who made you
put you back together
and add onto you
as It sees fit to do
that you may better fulfill Its purpose in you
Too often we get in the way
of our purpose
by trying to decide that purpose for ourselves
and if we can just move out of the way
we would see a greater purpose than we imagined……..just sayin’
’cause WE were talking
and I was reminded……………kiboDabi


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