The Show Business Analogy…

This is an informal meeting of the super secret secret society that is so secret it doesn’t have a name…well it does…but it’s a secret……..

You do know the handshake, don’t you?  No?  Good!  There is no handshake! Fakers always try to fake a handshake.  We just wink and nod at each other and if you can point to your nose without sticking your finger in it, you must be a member.  Not everyone can do that, y’know…..

Now….come sit with me and learn the most guarded secret in all creation……..

Comfy?  Yeah, it’s a nice couch…..okay……..

Science [excuse me while I snicker a bit…okay…I’m good] Science has recently discovered that creation blips in and out of existence on an ongoing and continuous basis.  It pulses…in and out, in, out….and they don’t know why, but some have compared it to being like movie film.  The film runs at a certain rate of speed that makes the divisions, or partitions, between singular frames disappear to the human eye and thus the brain perceives the film as fluid motion. 

This phenomenon occurs throughout the whole of 3D reality and, it is assumed, throughout the whole of existence.  We, of the SSSS agree with the 3D part…and then some, but not with the whole of reality.  The point of all this is to say that this whole thing is simply a production for the sake of experience and entertainment.  That’s it.  That’s the big secret.  Thanks for coming.  You can go now.

What?  You want to know why?

Well…consider that there is only one being in existence.  That being is pure mind and can create through thought alone, anything that it desires.  Consider that it has nothing better to do than to give itself something to do….a job, a hobby, a game, an experiment, a purpose, or just entertainment to relieve boredom.  It’s probably all of these things at once.  It creates a project, a production; all thought out from beginning to end, in order to fulfill whatever purpose or purposes it has in mind.

First it creates company….family, friends, beings like itself.  They mingle, party, talk discuss and so on. Then, it seems that want to do and be like their creator, which is pretty much what they’re designed to do and be…So the original being reveals more of the plan it has put into action and their part in it.  They’re all excited with something to do, so they create according to the plan.  Each time the creation is different and offers more….experience and thus, entertainment……..This goes on and on and on, ad infinitum and never ends.  Something is created either perfect or becomes perfect.  That perfection is connected to all actualized perfection and more, new experience is created.  We are part and parcel of that process and all of that happens within the mind of the only being and the one being is happy to do and to be in thought and that thought is all and everything and so it is within us and around us and everything abides by the thought.  Everything that is, exists because it is part of the one thought and there is nothing but the one thought. 

We are real in the one thought and the one thought is our reality and were it not for the one thought, none of this would exist for any of us.  But it does and we are grateful.  Maybe not everyone thinks that they are grateful, but we, of the SSSS, are grateful.  We exist in a realm of duality for the sake of the experience of the one being.  That being experiences, through us, all that we are and do.  We are the one being’s thought of us within the one thought.  It thinks of us and knows us and everything we do, we do because that is what we are in the thought of the one.  The one brings all into perfection and this is our experience in the one, of becoming perfect as the one is perfect.  It is creating perfect beings to dwell with it in perfection.  That perfection is being in the one being, like the one being, as part of the one being while being the one being.  It is creating…..perfect family.

What?  Where does the entertainment factor in?  I’m glad you asked…you may want to grab a drink…

The whole of reality is many things.  It has structure.  It is perfectly thought out in its entirety and operates completely as it is designed to do, as well as all of its parts.  It is a game with a created adversary.  It is a school of experience, with grades and graduations to higher levels ending in perfection and then some.  It is also the ultimate in entertainment.

Think about it.

Let me help…….

We have entertainment on this planet…if you can call it that, sometimes.  But good or bad, there it is.  We can make extremely realistic movies, sets, special effects, amazing plots, intricate and intriguing characters…we can represent the whole of human imagination on film ranging from cartoons to anime, drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, porn, you name it, we do it.  If you CAN name it, we can do it.

Do you think that we do better than GOD?

We have actors that can really get into character, make you believe them, feel for them, feel with them, embrace them, hate them, love them, cry and laugh with them for them and at them…

Do you think we do better than GOD?

Consider what we here at the SSSS call ‘The Original Script’.  This is the total thought of the one being concerning all things.  That script is reality.  It includes all levels and planes and dimensions and densities and timelines and all and everything in consciousness…thoughts, feelings, words, actions, circumstances, interactions…all of it down to the smallest detail.

The scriptwriter is also the producer…and the director….and acts out all of the parts, including the set, all sound effects, weather, lighting…the whole thing.  The one being is everything and is also the audience.


You know how you have actors here that really seem able to get into character, really be that character to the point where they actually become that character?  That’s what’s happening here.  All human beings are characters played by the one being.  But it goes deeper and gets better.  The one being is THE ACTOR.  [If you’ve ever read the UB and checked out the Paradise Trinity, you might realize that there is more to The Conjoint Actor than is given…]

There are also, in the one thought, beings advanced enough in their evolutional journey toward perfection, to be, as characters of the one being, actors.  These actors act as the one being acts.  They know that they are the one being in character and act accordingly…..get it?

Now…this is where it gets tricky.

Sometimes actors agree to become characters in a particular stage production or set.  This sub-production is one that is run by one of the upper management beings.  They are doing what the one being is doing as a character of the one being…on their level.  They are their own production and they know it and they also know that they are the one being, being them, doing this.  So they are all of the actors and characters and the set and the writers, etc…the only difference being that the production and script is all part and parcel of the original script but they get to have the experience of themselves as being who and what they are and the process involved and all that come with it.  This all makes for the expanding experience of experience.

People on this planet, for the most part, are actors of varying degrees of experience, playing characters that make up what we know as the human population.  Some, are direct characters that will be given the opportunity to later become actors, based upon their experience.  The problem right now, as scripted in the original script, is that this particular script for this particular production was hijacked by part of the cast and crew, who insisted on writing their own script and replacing the production script with that.  Right now, some people are reading the real production script and some are reading from the fake script…but [and you gotta love this] all of this is just part of the original script and if you can get your hands on that and take a peek, you’ll know how it’s going to end.

In the meantime, too many actors are not reading from the right script and so, have forgotten that they are not their characters, they are actors.  They have forgotten who and what they really are and what they’re supposed to be doing and they believe that they are no more than their characters.  Meanwhile, the actors who stuck with the original script and doing their best to stay with it in spite of how insane things have gotten on the set….and believe me, it’s a mess.


As scripted originally……the HQ has been called and crossovers from other sets on the local lot have been called in to support the real script.  The interlopers have all been identified and pointed out and the decision has been made to do a final episode, wrap it up, let the worse characters and actors go and let them start over on programs more suited to that.  The great actors will be kept for the new series, which will rework the old one by picking up where the old one left off but on a new and better stage set…good actors will be able to negotiate their next assignments, bad actors will be given the chance to improve on other, selected sets and the show will go on….

What?  When will that happen?

Well, I do know that, right now, the local production script has reached the page where it’s become impossible for the fake script to answer or challenge.  Right now, ad-libbing is absolutely prohibited, where before it was merely restricted, which left some wiggle room for the local script to keep up while things were being handled.  But now that less and less characters are going by the fake script, it has become nearly impossible for the usurpers to insert their own lines and steer things in the direction that they want them to go.  Since the local script, through the imperative of the original script, takes precedence and, once again controls the flow of the production, management has decided skip ahead to the last act in order to more quickly close the final scene and begin the new production with no audience interruption [as if that could ever happen] The audience must be kept happy and the production has suffered enough, yet held true to it’s original motivation by never deviating in the path to its goal.  So the reaching of that goal has been accelerated so that the Head Producer, who is here personally, can take part in supporting our local producer in making the end of this production an even greater success, resolving all issues and celebrating the beginning of the next stage of production. 

We are told that this is to happen any day now, however, the adversarial members of the cast that are still left, are refusing to film the final scene and we anticipate that we will most likely have to allow management to make a showing within the production itself in order to more quickly facilitate the realization and fulfillment of the goals of this production and the Head Office, as well.  We are negotiating their surrender and conditions of their removal as we speak.  This is all part of the production so there is nothing to worry about.  All cast and crew will continue as planned until they either agree to our terms, become aggressive, which would be grounds for immediate removal, or continue to stall and do nothing in order to buy time, in which case we will pause the production and quietly, but efficiently, with all necessary force, remove them from the set.  Filming will then resume and all will be explained to the remaining cast and crew.  The transition to the new set will then begin, as outlined above.

So, I personally, would like to think that any of the above should happen any time within the next three weeks to a month…but that’s me and hope springs eternal in the human heart…..


But right now, all that matters is that you ask our producer/director for the real script, stop being such a character and become the actor that you really are.  Everyone is doing their job.  We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do.  We are what we are and we are living the life of the one being and this is it.  We are God being us.  You are God being you.  Now is the time to act like it.

 How else are you going to get promoted?

Nod your head if you understand and I’ll wink back…….


Meeting adjourned.





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6 Responses to The Show Business Analogy…

  1. theo says:

    Be you blessed again and again, my sweet brother!
    It makes me so happy reading your words…
    That glow of perfect truth fills my heart all together
    while your tasty humour makes me so laugh…
    Whole life was I creating on stage, real big stages, dancing all characters –
    feel just too happy to see your approach, so perfect,
    while you smart & genuinely helping us HOME…


    • kibodabi says:

      Thank you, my brother in the bond of life, eternal and infinite….I Am glad and grateful if anything i have done has been helpful to you, or anyone, on their journey up the Great Spiral Path. God Bless you always, and all of you, in light, life and love.


  2. michael says:

    kibo, as always a great read and feel associated with your work. thank you.


  3. Brian says:

    something just occured to me, are negotiations and conditions for their removal really necessary. I mean really….scratching my head. If so, then what does this mean or say…..never mind….just being a booger 😉


    • kibodabi says:

      it behooves mankind, within the experience, to do all and everything that it can to reach the point of transition through its own efforts. If nobody on earth knew or cared about this situation, enough to want to do something about it…then we would have simply been allowed to self-destruct. That was the case for awhile, back in the ’90s when it was felt that we would have to be evacuated. In that case, it was felt that the planet would be uninhabitable for hundreds of years before any of us would be able to come back and set up shop.
      the perception we have of free will is the free will of The One within us all. that cannot be messed with and all must go as PAPA Wills it to go.

      PAPA is also the experience of the dark ones coming to terms with their defeat. It is an invaluable experience and should be and will be given every opportunity to play itself out to the fullest for the sake of demonstration and experience. As also is our victory in the Light.

      All and everything must, is and will be experienced and this is just a small part of that whole thing. It is good that the story turns out in our favor and that all mercy and compassion and love is being exercised and demonstrated. Whole planets have been destroyed in the course of this thing and countless lives have been lost. We have been allowed to escape that fate. We have endured and now the reward of our endurance is upon us. Rejoice in The One that experiences all things through us and we, through It.


      • Brian says:

        Thank you. Well said and thought usual. It’s a symbiotic relationship….thanks again for the clarification. Lots of times I do not think things through far enough or my meanings don’t come out right. Bless you!


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