Be here for the series finale. There will be no reruns…

So much to write about….so little time…..

Welcome to the Church of the Holy…Do You See That?

I’m preaching to the choir, here…if you just walked in off of the street, please read the literature that has been left on the pews specifically for your perusal and education…that should get you up to speed….hopefully, it will all make sense to you very soon………


Why would a banker run to China?  Who else is planning on running to China?  Can both sides of a coin be considered the same coin?  Hmmmmm………Flip it up in the air and call it…..if you own the coin…you can’t lose…unless someone grabs it out of the air before it hits your waiting hand…

It’s the East vs West game!

Two sides in different uniforms all playing for the same owner…you didn’t know?  There he is in the vip booth with his posse.  All of them are expecting to take the trophy one way or the other…but wait….the BIG BOSS OWNER of the league…not to mention the stadium…has declared the game illegal, null and void!  They’re  arguing…the players have all got together to form one, big team….the Owner brings in a team of His own….oooohhhhh these guys look like they belong in a totally different league!  There goes the ball…..OHHHHHH!  well that’s it folks!  Game over!  That didn’t take long….any survivors from the losers?  The Big Boss gets the trophy and…what’s this!?  He’s throwing it into the stands!  THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!  He yells!  The crowd goes wild!  The losing team and their owner and his posse are being led away by the authorities and medical personnel…..Where would you rather go, folks?  The hospital or jail?  Guess it pays to be on the winning side!

It’s a new day for the game, that’s for sure!

And so on and so forth…………notice how the audience didn’t have a clue?  Fans can only cheer for the teams that they are aware of.  Anybody cheering for the Boss?  Yes?  No? 

No matter how you call or play the game, the outcome is guaranteed under warranty and contract.  The big script in this production is written in Celestial Adamantium and all subscripts and their subscripts and their subscripts, are already taken into consideration.  Nothing deviates from the Original Script.  You can try to write your own and even get people to read from it and stage your own production…but don’t think for a moment that all of that hasn’t already been a part of a larger script that determines everything that is done with yours.  Ask Lucifer…his script didn’t work out the way he wrote it for himself and he finally had to give up, give in and give out…..poor guy….it was his own fault…should’ve read the script…OH!  He did?  Played it out to the end?  Well all right……

The dark on this planet are playing it out to the end.  Just like their former master.  The only difference is that they have totally ignored the Original Script.  If they had read it…or remembered it…then again…..maybe they do know.  Maybe they do know that this thing can only end in their defeat.  Surely everything that is happening now and has been happening shows evidence of that.  Like a lone, dark king on a chessboard, surrounded by pieces of light and stuck on the only safe square…any move will end in checkmate and the clock is running out…this is tournament play, after all….

Cobra commander is screaming that the Spiritual Hierarchy and the GFL are actually evil Archons and Velons intent on ruling this planet with an iron fist and having us for dinner, literally.  He wants us all to demand the removal of all dark, non-physical entities…notice how he ain’t too concerned with the physical ones…wouldn’t want to shoot himself and his masters in the foot now, would he?  People seem to be eating this up and asking for seconds.  They are quick to believe in evil aliens, but not good ones.    They have been conditioned to do what others tell them from without instead of Source and Center from within.

For some strange reason, the dark are counting on the considered rules of free will to get them through this.  They want people to tell GOD and the GFL to fuk off because we don’t need them.  We can do this ourselves…Forget that we haven’t operated with any real sense of free will for thousands of years.  We’ve had our beings altered and manipulated against our free will for so long, we can’t remember what it really is.  We are so earth ego centric, we can’t see that free will is jurisdictional.

Only One Being has free will.  Guess who that is?  Free will can only be exercised when you have enough information, data and knowledge to make a fully and truly informed decision…anybody here qualify?  Anybody?  Is there anyone out there that has the whole picture and all of the stats?  Does anyone here know the whole history of it all and where truth and lies become self evident?  Like people who don’t want to be told that  [Jews and Zionists and Khazars and semites and anti-semites and black and white and supremacists and rich and poor and ETs and Draconians and reptilians and greys and freemasons and fundamentalists and Jesuits and satanists and democrats and republicans and liberals and Asians and Arabs and Latinos and Canadians and Africans and Europeans and Americans and global warming and technology and men and women and dolphins and whales and fat and tall and short and skinny and handicapped and bald and babies and the elderly……insert your favorite here…] are the ones responsible for all the crap in the world, including 9/11 and over 100 million deaths worldwide and usurious banking and manipulative government, military and media and medical and religion – we blame any and every one but ourselves as we perceive ourselves to be and belong….and…and….and people go on and on about this hoping to bang it into your head because you don’t want to see this or hear it or touch it and it’s a violation of your free will…and every thing you experience here is a violation of your free will.  Worldwide poverty and hunger is against the free will of the poor and hungry.  Racism and sexism and a hundred other isms are against your free will. What are you doing that is of your own free will?

We did this.  We let this happen.  We are responsible.  This is what the script says and the script is never wrong.  The script says that the free will of the planet is equal to, if not more important than our own.  The free will of this universe is greater than ours.  The free will of other races, star nations that live in peace and light and love…their free will collectively outnumbers ours.  The free will of our creator is greater than all of ours put together.  We are part of a larger environment whether we realize it or not.  That environment has rules and regulations and we live within IT’s jurisdictional confines and not the other way around.  We do not have the right to declare our sovereignty above the sovereignty of a universe that desires to evolve up, over and through AND WE ARE HOLDING IT BACK.

Left to our own free will, we would just as soon destroy ourselves in service to dark psychopaths that want us to do what they want us to do as long as we think that it’s what we want to do.  We argue methods and philosophies and validity and accuse this, that, them or the other, for whatever we think is wrong when the truth of the matter is we spread our legs wide open to get screwed and like a $2.00 whore we cry because we make our pimp treat us the way he treats us.  “Baby, why do you MAKE me beat the crap out of you?”  sorry daddy…….THAT IS NOT YOUR DADDY!  Yet you scream and shout and fight when your real Daddy comes to take you away to a good and loving home…it violates your free will, right?

Leave the pimp.  By whatever name you call it, it’s time is over.  The face and name of the great evil, its cause and effects is being made plain on a daily basis for those that have the will to look and see. 

That will is not free.  It will cost you.  But your pimp’s day is done and as he chains you to the bed and abuses you in every way he possibly can while the authorities are breaking down the door and you hear the voice of your real daddy screaming your real name…are you still screaming for your pimp?  Are you screaming for the authorities and your real family to go away and leave you alone?

You should be screaming at the top of your punctured lungs “DADDY!!!  SAVE ME, PAPA!!  PLEASE!!  I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!”  And if you were in your right mind, you would be.  But you are brainwashed and drugged and suck up the sperm of your tormentor’s lies like a baby’s milk.

You tell yourself that this is your free will because you have learned to like it, it is all you know.

This is your opportunity to be free.  This is your chance to have a real life with a real family and know some real love and have a real future.  This is your chance to see your pimp put away for good.

Your pimp is telling you to fight for him, to save him while he makes his escape while he throws you either into the bullets of the authorities as they shoot back or he’ll throw you out of the window so that he can land on you rather than hit the ground….all the time he’s pumping you hard and yelling  ” Who’s your daddy, baby?”

Somewhere in the back of his mind…he’s realizing that he’s dead meat either way and now all he really wants to do is get revenge by killing you in front of your real Father before he goes down…because that’s how he rolls……but you don’t know that, do you?



Quite an exciting production, isn’t it?  The Father waiting to hear His child’s voice call out to Him that He may break down the door and rescue His beloved child from the evil abuser……..according to the script, how will He know it’s you unless you call to Him…unless you remember?  Your pimp wants you to scream his name for a reason.  He hopes that this will cause the authorities to question if this is the right place…make the real Father wonder if that’s His child or just……….ah!  Such drama!

This is it, folks.  I don’t really care what you say about this post.  It doesn’t matter.  The Father will bust in the room eventually, one way or the other.  He has to be sure, after all…how long do you want to wait?  Would you rather He finds you dead?  Do we really enjoy being the bitch of this evil asshole?  Are we so thoroughly brainwashed that we cannot even remember who and what we are?  All we have to do is call out to the right one.  That’s the full extent of our free will right now…who to call out for…go down with the pimp or go home with your Father.

Now look what you made me do…the choir is shocked….usually I’m ranting at the GFL or CM or Esu or the Hierarchy or even PAPA….but all of them have bent over backwards to get us on the right train of thought on the Divine Consciousness track and how many are aboard?  We had a prayer website for just such a calling out to The Father……the numbers are not….heartening…for whatever reasons…..ah well, live, love and learn…….the site will close after June 9th.  Anyone that wants to get in their prayers for the ascension of the world and its peoples can submit them until then and thanks to all that already have and are and will submit to First Source and The Will Thereof…blessings to you all……:

 [consider that the passing of the plate…]

Well…out of the several unsuspecting souls that wandered in here….unawares….please forgive the rant….certainly, I did not go far enough and for that I apologize.  I see one has walked out.  One has run out screaming.  One is hiding.  One is making a very suspicious phone call.  One is just shaking their head out of pity for my soul…thanks for that, it is appreciated that you would even hope for my salvation…right back at ya!  One is busy reading the materials…good…you don’t really need me to tell you anything after all, do you?  You can make up your own damn mind!

One is asking me to clarify and put it in simpler terms…….okay, but then I gotta go…the series finale is about to come on for this thing and I want to be set up in my den in the easy chair in front of the big screen with snacks on hand to see how it ends….i got to work on the set…see the scene with the drunk in the alley?  I had one line:   “Hey!  I know you!  Your daddy’s lookin’ for you…with a whoooole bunch of cops!  Called you His Little Princess!  HAH!  Guess that fucked up pimp of yours is going to be the bitch now!  I always knew you didn’t belong here.  What happened anyway?”

Then she went all wide eyed and ran upstairs to tell her pimp.  He was gonna shoot me, but then the real father showed up with SWAT and I pointed out the apartment and then sat down to watch it all happen…….huh?  oh!  Yeah….uhm…let’s see………..IF YOU REMEMBERED WHO AND WHAT YOU REALLY ARE, YOU’D QUIT BEING THE DEVIL’S BITCH AND CRY OUT TO YOUR FATHER TO FREE YOU FROM THOSE CHAINS AND SAVE YOU FROM THIS CRAP BECAUSE HE’S WAITING FOR YOUR CALL!  EITHER WAY, THE DEVIL’S DEAD…BEST NOT TO WAIT ANY LONGER LEST YOU FIND YOURSELF DEAD WITH HIM…BUT HEY…THAT’S ON YOU….

How’s that?


Why didn’t I say that in the first place instead of being so longwinded and ornery about it?  Well, we don’t get many outsiders in here and I get tired of preachin’ to the choir.  They already know this stuff.

Huh?  Yeah…I know you catch more flies with honey, but there are plenty of places that will just bathe you in the stuff and you get stuck and can’t get out…..I like to mess with people and folks and such anyways…make them think… and besides…who wants flies?


Gonna go watch the show now….Thanks for coming…y’all come back now, y’hear?


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5 Responses to Be here for the series finale. There will be no reruns…

  1. Im amazed how thick my skull was, i weep and wail how submerged in sleep i have been…


  2. wow Kibo, amazing how after a few years, it hits me, amazing it didnt effect me then the first time i read it? can you elaborate on this or pm me on gmail?


  3. Pingback: Kibo – Seid hier zum Serien-Finale. Es wird keine Wiederholungen geben | S I R I U S N E T W O R K

  4. Hano says:

    Another great post, thanks Kibo. I’m just another choirboy…not the best one but I’m working on it. It’s always FUN,EDUCATIONAL and INSIGHTFUL to read your work. We think very much in the same way and I always appreciate your refreshing candour. Great work! Keep it up! Love and Blessings.


  5. Brian says:

    as the choir softly sings….

    In the sweet by and by,
    We shall meet on that beautiful shore;
    In the sweet by and by,
    We shall meet on that beautiful shore…


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