As above

So below

You should know that one by now

However….and this seems to be a sore spot in the matter….


As below….not so much above…..but whose fault is that?


See?  That’s a question.  We ask a lot of questions in life, but are we asking the right questions?  Do we even know what the right questions are?  How can we even begin to exam[m]ine the answers?

We live in a nation that we are mostly unaware of…the Exam I Nation.


Walk with me because this is a journey…..


Right now, you are a witness to the totality of being.

Right now, you are being witnessed by someone….

They are witnessing everything you do

Someone is witnessing them witnessing you

Some one thing is witnessing itself witnessing them witnessing you witnessing being

I’d ask if I can get a witness, but they’re all out witnessing…..


Consider a being that is so huge that it can only be witnessed from within. 

A being that exists without cause…

A being that exists without cause that cannot be caused to do anything that chooses to cause something…

Whatever could that something be?


Think……..think……..if you’ve never done this before, I’ll wait………….think………..



What are you thinking about?  Are you thinking about the question or something else entirely?

Are you thinking?  Are you sure?  How do you know?  Are you really thinking?  Are you sure?  How do you know?  Are YOU thinking?  Are you sure that it’s you doing the thinking?

What are you?

Who are you?

Where are you?

Why are you?

How are you?  Do you really understand the meaning of this question?

When are you?  When did you read this question? 


WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHY, HOW AND SOMETIMES WHEN………These are the necessary spiritual vowels of your life that must be pronounced in order to form real words that have real meaning….Ask yourself sometimes just what does ‘I’ really mean?


There is a reason why God is referred to as THE FIRST SOURCE AND CENTER OF ALL THINGS throughout the greater part of creation.  God is that uncaused cause of all cause and effect.  That this is done as an act of consciousness should tell you something.  God thinks.

Why is this important?

It is only important to you if you think it is and that’s the point.

If you believe in and/or know God then you have got to be able to understand that the first thing God ever did was think.  It has always thought, is thinking and always will think….GOD LOVES TO THINK AND IT LOVES IT’S THOUGHT BECAUSE IT IS ONE THOUGHT…..think about that…..


What does God think?

You’re in it.  You’re looking at it.  It’s all right here and there and if you stopped to think about it and IT and you, then you might think that your thinking is a thing just like God’s thinking is a thing and since God is Source and Center of All Things, IT is Source and Center of your thinking……hmmmm…you think that’s air you’re breathing?

Do you think that you can apply such thinking to all things that you think are other things only because you think so?


SPIRIT is the form of consciousness.  It is the one thought made manifest.  The love, of and in and for, that thought is the love that permeates throughout the whole of what you think of as life and creation.  It holds the one thought firmly in It’s grasp and never lets go.  This is meditation at it’s best, folks!  This is the bliss of God that is forever and ever…a forever thought of a forever thing…


Light…ah, Light!  Light is the joy of the one thought!  The sheer ecstasy of it!  Joy in being!  Joy in the Love of the one thought!

What is that thought?

What does God think?


What else is there to think about?

God thinks of ITSELF!



This is all GOD being GOD, defining ItSelf as IT perceives It’s Self….

There is no one word for this that I know of.  If I could put ‘perfect’ and ‘everything’ and ‘one’ and ‘all’ together in one word that would hold the same meaning and value for you, me and all of us…I would.


Here’s the thing….God is examining Itself.  It is grokking Itself.  It is everything in perfection and it is the experience of that perfection and it is the experiencing of that perfection becoming perfect.  GOD IS EXPERIENCING EVERYTHING and everything is everything….and you, me, them, they, we and all and one are part of that experience.  We are the experience in manifestation for the sake of it…


This is why it is so easy for God to offer us perfection.  The promise of completing our unique and individual, manifest journeys to being perfect as our Father in the heavens is perfect, is a real and obtainable thing for each and everyone.


But we must do as we see the Father doing

As Christ said……..for it is not our lives that we are living, it is God’s life that we are living and God is sharing it with us while helping and teaching us to do and be as He is.


All this is to finally get around to, once again, reminding you that this is all a matter of spirit.  As the Spirit of God is within us and manifests Itself as unique personalities in conscious being.  Our consciousnesses are but aspects of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that allows for and facilitates our experiencing of the whole and all of it’s parts in an eternal and infinite NOW…


Are you experienced?

Have you ever been experienced?

What is experience?

What is it for?


The choices of our existence have already been made.  It can be no other way for a being that already knows the outcome of it all from the very beginning.  Like Neo [Matrix…y’know], we are here to understand why we have made, are making and will make the choices that shape and define and binds us to the higher purpose of a being that is our one and only, true reality.


So we must examine ourselves from within as we are examined from within and without.  We must test ourselves and be tested.  We must explore and discover and experience while we are being explored, discovered and experienced.


We are spirit.

We are spirit beings

We are spirit beings in a conscious experience of consciousness.

We are the thought of, within the ONE GREAT THOUGHT

 Think about it.  Think about IT.

This is a spiritual event and experience.  While you are waiting and reading and hoping for arrests and disclosure and debt forgiveness and galactic visitations and peace and abundance and freedom and enlightenment and ascension…..think about what all of that is and means.  Think about what you are doing and what you are looking at.  Think about who and what you are in all of this.  Think about the path behind and the path ahead while you think about where and when and why and how you are standing now and what you are standing on or for or with or by…..think

Think like God thinks…as God thinks…

Think with intent

Think with will

Think in being

Think in love

Think in light

Think with purpose


Your individual outcome in all of this has nothing to do with money or material things.  Your outcome in all of this has nothing to do with arrests or all the galactic help in the universe that has bent over backwards to get you to understand that shouldn’t have been needed in the first place…but they’re happy to help because they are what you’re thinking you can be and if we had thought that years ago we would have been there already.  If we had thought for ourselves and defined ourselves from within as we were told to do by the masters, but led away from by those who thought differently because that is all part of the experience……ascension would have been ours long ago…


But this is all part of the one thought and everything is everything and it is what it is, so here we are, now….


Where any and each of us will be in the next perception of now will entirely be up to your level of spiritual awareness and unity in being in consciousness….what you think is what you get.


In our perception of here, we have been experienced in divide and conquer and we have learned that that is how it is done.  Selfishness, darkness and evil is all about divide and conquer.  That was the main method that allowed all the money, media, religion, government, corporate and war games to thrive and succeed.  Even now, we perpetuate this within and among ourselves…such are the lessons learned in experiences.


Above….it’s sort and file…


This is a time and period of sorting and sorting is done based upon consciousness in spirit.  All of us will be filed away to where we can make the best progress towards perfection.  Other planets, other galaxies, other universes, dimensions, densities, planes, levels…stage of evolution…all depending on consciousness…your consciousness…



Think within

Examine your self

You will experience what you will experience

In the one experience of all experience and experiences…

But if you do not think

You will never understand why


Think about it.








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  1. Harald says:

    Then you could tell me stories from your Universe and I could tell you stories from mine – and GOD can Enjoy Himself!


  2. Harald says:

    I’d rather share a room – God doesn’t talk to me…. and I don’t want to talk to myself all the time…


    • kibodabi says:

      did you ever stop to think that maybe…God is actually talking to you…but since you won’t take the time to talk to yourself….you’re not holding up your end of the conversation? just sayin’…….oh? you DO talk to yourself? Are you sure? Which one? Are you sure? Maybe a conference would be in order…hmmmm…[insert smile here]

      i don’t have a universe to tell stories of…i could talk about others…there is, however, more than enough in this universe to talk about…….it’s a really great universe! If I do say so myself…He’s actually done a really rather nice job of it all…this last little part of it should sew it all up into one, cool bundle of Light….just hold on…we’ll get there…really….


      • Harald says:

        Too bad, i don’t have a universe, either… but i could THINK of one! Well, God just told me his On(e)ly joke:
        … and in the “end”, when even the existence of the word “eternity” doesn’t matter anymore and the Whole of Creation is paralyzed in One Huge Never Ending Orgasm of Bliss and Joy, GOD will ask Himself: “Well, and did You Enjoy Yourself?” And They, Who Are He, will answer unisono in great anticipation of Brand -New Adventures: “YES, there was nothing else to enjoy!”


      • Brian says:

        last little part eh? care to elaborate please…ty. seems that this last little part is…well, i dunno…perhaps you could help w/a story or something? Cuz I am getting a big blank or maybe shooting them is a better way to put it…damn that surgery!


  3. Harald says:

    Kibo, do you want me to end up in a nuthouse?!


  4. Jim says:

    Thanks for the post and keeping my mind riveted……….looking forward to liberating from the”Stockholm Syndrome”


  5. evergreen says:

    Thanks soooooo much, Kibo!
    It is so exellent that I don’t know what to say.
    Your words are full of wisdom and enlighten me from within.



  6. Sujin says:

    Hi Kibo!
    Nice to see you got your site up.
    Will come by often.


  7. Denise says:

    Well there are pieces within this piece that I will need to reread, contemplate and think about!. Excellent Kibo!


  8. Harald says:

    You are simply too fast for me, Kibo!


    • Sujin says:

      How are you doing, Harald?


      • Harald says:

        I’m fine, thanks. Trying to “keep my mojo working” – whatever that means, this thought just crossed my mind, must be a line in some song. – (Now i know, looked it up in the dictionary.) I was hoping to get some clarification on those policemen who are “hitting safe houses” (see my reply to Kibo’s first post), but i was probably too late for an answer, as always. Will have to write an ordinary email, i guess.


        • kibodabi says:

          got the email and sent a reply
          i hope it helps

          it’s just that
          i don’t think i should be posting whole conversations
          in the comments section of this thing
          unless several people want the same thing
          or one just wants to question or debate or explore or challenge
          the philosophy i’m spouting……

          this thing requires me to be a moderator…..so i have to approve all the posts manually…fun, huh?

          but hey
          you guys are family and i love you
          so i’ve posted all the comments

          it makes it look like people are actually reading the thing!

          Thanks to all of you readers out there
          it is greatly appreciated!

          i think we have enough for a decent party! Hooray!


  9. Brian says:

    I think that was perhaps one of the best thinking out louds you’ve done. Highly evolved thinking that leaves one thinking about one thought.


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