Talkin’ about Freedom…can you dig it?

This is supposed to be my first official blog posting.

I am doing this because I am told that it is what The Boss and The Hierarchy want so I’m giving it my best shot.  I don’t completely understand why it is wanted.  There are plenty of people with blogs that are saying this and that about that and this.   Me putting my two cents into the pot shouldn’t really matter, as far as I’m concerned… but…here we are.  You’re reading this for whatever reason and me trying to figure out how to do this without it being just another thing of vanity, a striving after the wind…….i doubt I’ll be able to do this on a daily basis so you’ll have to put up with me for, at least, about once a week, I reckon.  I’m pretty sure I can do that.  Enough things happen in a week to be incredulous about, that’s for sure.

I’m told that my job is to observe and report.  I wanted to help out the cause a little more than that and have done what I can in terms of channelings and records of discussions and what not and what have you……..right now it seems like the cause is helping itself and all that’s expected of me is to just report what I see and hear and think and feel about it all….if it helps anyone of you out there, I am grateful for the opportunity to do so and thanks for reading…….the same applies even if it didn’t help.  After all, in the end, we all have to help ourselves to get to where only we are meant to be…all paths lead to SOURCE, eventually………  Still, we’re all here to help each other get there…..that’s what helping ourselves really means.  But you knew that already, didn’t you?

So now…what to talk about……might as well get to it……

You can say what you want, but clearly something’s up.  For those that pay attention to such things, freedom looms….it is looming on the horizon.  It is hiding in the dark around the corner, waiting to jump the local gangsters that have made life a living hell in our present society.  Like a vigilante in superhero costume and an array of powers and weapons recently acquired and tested in the field, it is now poised and ready, peeping around the corner to judge the distance between itself and its intended target.  It has waited patiently for that target to hit the mark where it can be grabbed and smashed and put out of its misery and all of our misery.  But the target knows what lies ahead and throws minion after minion into its path with orders to walk ahead and take what’s coming to them for the team, even though the team seems to consist only of that little psychopath of a boss that has gotten where he is by convincing the whole neighborhood that he is all that and that to mess with him is to die a horrible death watching your loved ones die with you.  The neighborhood has been afraid and has paid all homage demanded of it in order to live and do business…

But someone came….quietly, and started doing damage to short Lucy [hey, I can call him what I want to call him and short Lucy it is].  Short Lucy is as evil as they come. A short, ugly, stupid man in an orange babydoll dress with black polkadots, that has traded his balls for a strap-on cannon so that anyone that tries to screw with him gets immediately dead, gone and buried……but ammo has gotten way too expensive lately, so quantity is low.  It seems nowadays like everyone wants to do him in a gang rape charge of the Light Brigade and the hits just keep on coming.  Should’ve done something to cover the other side of that equation, I reckon….

The East side Dragons are on the move and they smell blood.  Sure they’ve got some great ideas on how to run the neighborhood.  They want to open it up for redevelopment, make it safe for business, raise profits and sit on top of it all while they figure out what to do with the rest of the city.  The mayor has other plans…but who listens to him?  For some reason, most people think the mayor is a nobody, at least on the Westside, but the city knows.  Oh sure, they always talk about what the Governor says because he’s chummy with the President, but few people seem to realize or remember that the Mayor’s the Presidents son…go figure…

So, while the East side boys are busy getting the cops on their side, pulling drive-bys, hitting safe houses and letting the Westside Pimps know that their time is up so give up all your operations to us and come quietly to be incarcerated and then put on trial…While they figure out how to look good while they do all this in hopes that the local authorities will let them run the joint, their way…Freedom is lurking.

Freedom is a bad muthashutyourmouth.  Freedom is a special ops guy, trained by The President and sent out as needed to make his mark and lasting impression.  Freedom doesn’t care about east or west or north or south.  Freedom wants every gangster to give up and give in, get up and get out.  Everybody in the neighborhood knows that Freedom is in the ‘hood but nobody knows what he looks like.  No one’s ever gotten a good enough look at him to tell.  They describe a blur, a shadow, embellished by their imaginations.  Freedom is a force to be reckoned with.  He needs no weapons, he is a weapon and he can never be destroyed.  He’s been beaten, drugged, tied upside down over flaming excrement and oil and he has always lived to tell the tale.  He has always survived.  He has always won in the end.  Why?  Because he knows that if he fails, the one that comes after him will lay all things to waste and simply start over from scratch and from those ashes Freedom shall be reborn and the whole thing will go on as new business as usual with lessons learned…and if not…well, you know who will be back as many times as he is needed until he is needed no more.

You can call him Armageddon, Apocalypse, Chaos or just the natural cycle of things in an orderly creation and universe that insists on putting and keeping itself in order.  Chaos is a small picture thing because in the big picture, all is under control, nice and neat and being exactly what it needs to be to be what it needs must be, to be.  If you understand that last statement, then you have a better view of the big picture than most.  CREATOR SOURCE, by whatever you call it or name it, knows this whole thing inside out and outside in.  IT is the whole thing and but for the experience of it, the outcome is already a foregone conclusion.  This is just a production for the sake of experience where one being gets to be all of the actors, their characters, cast, crew, props, backstage, up front, writer, producer, director and the audience as well.  The one being owns the lots, the sets, the theaters, creates the soundtrack, the special effects and roles it all out on special holographic projectors.  This is interactive entertainment at its best and for those that realize that they are actors and not just characters, there are rewards for good acting…or should that be acting good?


Maybe I should leave off here, for now.  This thing could go on forever.  Maybe I can do this more than once a week.  It still has to be explored exactly why some people expect all seven billion plus bodies on this planet to be miraculously made fully conscious and spiritually aware with great powers and enhanced DNA in order to live in a new golden age of spiritual humanity.  It just seems to me if that were the case, then all this crap could have been avoided and is just a waste of time.  If even the most psychopathic, satanic, Luciferian, child abusing, murdering thief down the street from where you live will be able to just yell hallelujah and be free to live in light and love with no thought or hint of darkness or evil within him…why are arrests a big deal at all?  What does the money matter or the lies and manipulations and genocides and slavery……what’s the point of all these ships and Divine and Celestial and Galactic help?  Hey, just wait and let it happen, just keep intending and we can all go there together, no harm, no foul………really?  Please explain how that works to me so I don’t just think it’s all too good to be true…..


I think the next post will explore why the word ‘example’ has the word ‘exam’ in it………and why we need to have an ‘Exam- I -nation’ to live in………







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16 Responses to Talkin’ about Freedom…can you dig it?

  1. Elaine says:



  2. Barb says:

    Kibo Dear uncle you were meant to be a great writer!! Show us more.


  3. Harald says:

    Well, Kibo, this text of yours surely raises a few interesting questions, particularly if one tries to translate it into the German language, as I have given it a shot. To begin with, the word “freedom” in German has a totally different “basic atmosphere”, as it is not a male “special ops guy”, but rather a FEMALE fighter for Truth, Justice and the whole rest, a bit like an amazon, maybe, or Jean d’ Arc?

    And by the way, what are the police doing to the “safe houses”? Hitting them? How do they do that? This is still a mystery to me….

    And finally, what am I supposed to do when your next post will be exploring the words ‘example’ and ‘exam-I-nation’??? German for ‘example’ ist ‘Beispiel’, and Bei-spiel has the word ‘Spiel’ in it, which means ‘game’ or ‘play’ in English….. Well, and an examination is easy when you translate it as ‘Untersuchung’ as this contains ‘unter’ = under and ‘suchen’ = search. However, when you translate it as ‘Prüfung’, that makes no sense at all!

    OK, I am already looking forward to your forthcoming post!



  4. Chrissie says:

    Thank you Kibo for your lovely posts , I like the way you report 🙂 It brings always a smile on my face .
    Grtz from Belgium


  5. Blake says:

    Kiiiiiibo! we love you
    Nice overview. But (hey I’m “helping” 🙂 ) we all do not seem to see freedom looming. Perhaps the wise AH’er suspects Atonic intervention? or what really?
    I wonder. will you lose the occasional reader with the cryptic references (mayor, freedom, etc) perhaps the parenthetical name or descriptor here or there might do it. Your the best Kibo I always liked your arguments with the avatars. You spoke our doubts and defended our joint (apparent) misimpressions.


  6. Tiago says:

    Chaos is the origin of everything.


    • kibodabi says:

      To have a plan is an orderly thing.
      SOURCE has a plan and this is it
      and we see just a small part of it
      I believe
      that everything originated in and out of order
      as the primal, first, original cause
      and that all else is effect
      we see chaos
      but few see it
      as an effect of an orderly cause
      that causes order
      one does not create chaos
      but uses it
      to create new order
      thus that
      order out of chaos thing
      and new world order thinking
      God rules
      plain and simple
      and that rule is orderly
      and supercedes all human thought

      Divine Consciousness, SOURCE, God
      is the origin of everything
      it is creation
      a creation is planned
      planning denotes order…….but that’s me
      i cannot say who else would believe such a thing to be true.


      • Brian says:

        ahh very interesting this thing about order and chaos. Had a very stern talking to by The Man last night about this very thing.

        Unbeknown to me, I was closing myself off from so much of His Love because I have been so busy with trying to figure out and understand the order of what is occurring or not occurring…..maybe that is a better way of putting it…not occurring. It’s not for me or us to understand…He doesn’t desire chaos and confusion for any but yet so many dwell there. Like I have been and struggle with daily. It’s not the way. Let it go.
        Of course, this is easier said than done. Start by not dwelling on that which is not your concern. Leave it to the Professionals. Train your mind to dwell on that which helps and supports His plan. What is His plan exactly? Good question….

        His occurrences do supercede all thought not just human. He KNOWS what He is doing. Let go of trying to understand it…it cannot be understood by us. There are many firsts here…but He understands it all and has a plan for it all. Only His Will is done…nothing else.

        Rest in that and align your self with knowing that He has all of it under and thoroughly in control. His ways are ours if we choose. And really there is no choice when you think about it.


  7. David light n love says:

    Easy kibo my brother, this life of ours seems so complex, but when we just be,, well it makes me smile. A big well done on your 1st blog very enjoyable read
    One love
    David x


  8. James says:

    Kibo to observed and report is a good start. Let others know what you see to help them understand what is going on. James


  9. Denise says:

    Thank you Kibo for sharing your insights, truth and wisdom1


  10. Denise says:

    Thanks Kibo, for sharing your insights, truth and wisdom!


  11. aragon says:

    Thank you Kibo.
    I like your job:observe and report!!


  12. Brian says:

    Your last paragraph hits the really really big nail on its really really big head! What’s the point in and of all of this?! What is missing or what more needs to be explored…

    Have you had enough?! I sure have.


  13. Lucia says:

    Great post, love the way you talk!
    I’ll be here to read the next one…
    Love Lucia


  14. Jess says:

    Good post. Good start.


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